Signing up for an account

The first thing you will need to do is create an account on this website if you have not already done so. You will be able to create an online application using this account.

Click on Create New Account in the login section in the right column. Fill in the fields presented in the form. You will need a valid email address. Click the Create New Account button at the bottom of the form.

Check your email for a confirmation message from the website. This should arrive almost immediately although some email systems can take up to an hour. It should not take any longer than that.

Click the link in the email to confirm your email address. At this point you can log into the website. You will be presented with a list of options or applications you may have submitted each time you log in. The list of options will allow you to create a new application.

A single website account can be used to submit more than one application. For example, if a family has more than one student participating in the fair then the same account can be used to create one application per student. Alternatively, each student can create then own account and create their application using that account.

All applications must be created online to participate in the fair. Printed forms must be signed and brought to the fair. Senior division students (grades 9-12) must MAIL their applications in prior to the deadline posted on this web site's calendar.

Teachers will need an account if they want to manage their student applications or create the applications for the students. In the former case, students will have to create an account and then create an application that the teacher will then be able to view and edit. In the latter case, the teacher will have to provide access to the student or enter all the necessary information. This is often the approach used by teachers with students entering the Elementary division. It is possible for each student to enter their own information but the teacher must provide their account information. Alternatively, this could be done at school under the teacher's supervision in which case the teacher could sign in and select the student's application and then allow the student to make the appropriate changes.

I can't log in

You tried to sign up for an account but you can't log in. First, don't panic. If all else fails please contact us and we will make sure you can get access to your account.

The following information assumes that you have tried to sign up for a new account. You should have received an acknowledgement email.

Try logging in using the username or email address that you signed up with along with the password entered at the same time. If the displayed page indicates an incorrect username or password then the account may not have been setup properly and you should contact us directly. Double check the username and password though because they are case sensitive.

If the login succeeds then there should be a Logout option on the menu and the online registration page should be displayed. You should see a link to manage and create science fair applicactions. If not then it is likely that your web browser is not accepting the cookie from this site to track your login session.

This website uses cookies to track user logins. Cookies are the typical approach used by websites but antivirus/firewall and web browser settings can limit the use of cookies. This is often the case if the security options on the web browser are set high. If this is the case with your system then our website ( needs to be added to the exception list.

Unfortunately, how to add an exception depends upon the web browser and possibly the antivirus software you have installed on your system. We cannot provide support for all configurations but we outline the process for the two most popular browsers in use on Windows PCs: Internet Explorer and Firefox. There are actually different interfaces with these depending upon the version in use so look for similar menu items if yours does not match what is presented here. First check the online help for your web browser if you have problems.

Try logging in again after adding the exception. If adding the website as an exception does not fix the problem then you may need to check other aspects of your Internet connection including your antivirus software.

If you are accessing the site from a school or work you may need to check with your IT department to see if they are blocking cookies as well.

Internet Explorer

  • Select the Tools menu
  • Select the Internet options submenu
  • Select the Privacy tab on the dialog box
  • Click the Sites button
  • Add and click the Allow button (you may have to add as well)
  • Close the dialog boxes by clicking on the OK button



  • Select the Tools menu item
  • Select the Options submenu
  • Select the Privacy tab on the dialog box
  • Click the Exceptions button
  • Add and click the Allow button (you may have to add as well)
  • Close the dialog boxes by clicking on the OK button

I didn't get an email after I signed up

Ok. You tried signing up for an account but you did not receive the acknowledgement. Please email immediately. It may take up to a day to get a response but we will get you set up.

There are a couple of reasons why you may not have received the initial response email with a password including:

  • It has not arrived because it is delayed in the email processing by your ISP. You might want to wait fifteen minutes especially if email sometimes takes awhile to get to your account. This is not usually the case but it can happen. In general the message should arrive within an hour. It is always sent immediately.
  • You may have entered the wrong email address. If you try to sign up again using the same email address and it indicates that the email address is in use then the email should have been sent. Try logging in using your selected username (or email address) and password. Contact us if this does not work.
  • The email may have been blocked. The email is send from our domain: Our ISP is If either of these are blocked then you will not receive our email message. Unfortunately you need to unblock our site BEFORE you sign up for an account. Contact us if this is the case and you cannot log in using the username and password you selected.
  • The email may have been marked as junk. In this case the message will likely be found in your junk mail folder. Contact us if this is the case and you cannot log in using the username and password you selected.
  • If none of these work then please contact us and we will get you set up with an account. Please don't wait till the last minute though because it does take a little time to fill in an application.


Profile Info

Each user account has profile information associated with it. Some of this information is required when you sign up for an account. This information is private and is used for a variety of purposes including creation of online applications. For example, the address information is used on the application if you are not a Teacher since normally an account is used to create a single application for a student. The Grade and School fields are used whenever an application is created.

Some profile information is required for specific roles such as Teachers and Judges. You will not see these if you have not been assigned one of these roles.

Profile information, including your account password and email address, are accessible via the User menu. This will present the login form if you have not logged in first.