Student Resources

This book contains information that will be useful to students looking for project ideas as well as how to create presentations. If you have ideas or links that should be added please let us know. Likewise for questions. We will be updating this area on a regular basis so check back if you want more information.

Also check out these links for information found on this website about the fair.

Related Links:

General Knowledge

This section contains sites that are useful for students working almost any kind of project.


How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works website

This site does not have as wide a range of topics as Wiikpedia but has more technical information than Wikipedia


Wikipedia website

Wikipedia is a good general information site that anyone can edit.

Keep in mind that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. It is a great starting point but should not be used as a reference. It contains many references in most of its articles that can often be references in your research paper.

Computer Programming

 Looking for programming tools for your project? Or maybe you want to do computer science research. Check out some of the resources in this section for programming language.

LabView - Graphical Programming

National instruments main website

For Mindstorms check out LabView Student Edition. This software was free when I got my copy a few years ago I think there is a cost for it now.

You will need a patch to use the Labveiw software to edit the NXT software that mindstorms use's the most current one I can find as of 3/27/10 can be found here:

Scratch - Graphical Programming

Scratch website at

This is a graphical program mainly aimed at younger students but powerful enough for more advanced students


 Looking to build or program a robot. Check out some of these links.

Lego Mindstorms

Lego Mindstorms website

The Lego mindstorms kits are a good place to start learning robotics

* Tip: more advanced sutdents can get software from National Instruments that allows them to edit the mindstorms program see the "Programming links" page for the link

Robodyssey Systems

Robodyssey Systems is a Trenton based company that sells robotic components and kits. It also has classes and resources for students interested in robotics. It is not associated with the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair but it can be a good resource for those interested in robotic projects for the fair.

Science Fair Sites

These sites are related to science fairs. They often have information about project topics and ideas.

Archimeded Initiative

Looking for feedback on science fair project? Check out the Archimedes Initiative site for videos and other information. The site is to promote science education and is very applicable to science fair projects.