Other Science Fairs

ISEF Affiliated Fairs in New Jersey

Senior and Junior division students may participate in one ISEF affiliated fair per year. Fairs cover a geographical area. Our fair covers Mercer county, NJ. Students that attend school outside of Mercer County should check out nearby fairs.

Below are nearby fairs in New Jersey as well as a link to ISEF's full list.Some of these fairs also include the Broadcom Masters program for the Junior division. Students may not participate in more than one of these fairs

Check out the ISEF Affiliated Fair Page for a complete list regional and state science fairs. New Jersey does not have a state fair.

Non-ISEF Affiliated Fairs in New Jersey

Students can present their same project at any number of other non-affiliated ISEF fairs. Check them out for details as their registration process, project presentation, etc. will be different.

Why check out other fairs?

  1. Going to school outside of Mercer County?: MSEF covers students that attend school only in Mercer County, NJ. You can check links above for other nearby fairs if you attend school outside of Mercer County. 
  2. My school has its own science fair. Can I still participate: Check with your school first. Many send winners directly to MSEF each year. If your school is in Mercer County and does not send winners of a school fair to MSEF then you can enter MSEF yourself. You will still need a signature from a teacher or sponsor at your school but schools do not need make any special effort for their students to be considered for MSEF. 
  3. Can I participate in more than one fair: You can participate in only one ISEF affiliated fair per year. You can participate in any number of other fairs and science competitions even with the same project as long as they are not affiliated with ISEF.
  4. What if I have more questions: You can always drop us an email note if you have questions regarding participation.