General Info

All students will fill out the information pages in the online registration form. This includes information about the student and their project. Junior and Senior division students will also fill out the ISEF forms.

Student Info

The Student Info page provides the general information about a student including their grade. This information can easily be supplied before a project is started and even before a topic is chosen.

The student's name will be repeated on all subsequent pages. Any changes will be reflected on all pages. This allows the online pages to more closely match the ISEF forms. The name should be capitalized as desired, i.e. John Middle Doe, as this will be used on the acceptance certificate and any awards. Do not capialize then entire name or make it all lower case.

The grade determines what division the project will compete in. The contact information is required in case we need to contact you about the application. It is also required for some awards.

The tabs and associated pages may change when you change the grade field. Only necessary application pages will be presented. For Junior and Senior division applications, additional form pages will be displayed when selections are made from Form 1. Elementary division applications will not show these options.

The U.S. Citizen check box is also required since some awards are available only to U.S. Citizens.

Project Info

The Project Info page includes the project title, category and the hypothesis. These can be changed at any time until registration closes. This means you can provide a working title and select a working category but change them once you have completed the project.

The hypothesis is optional but it can help in precertification approval for Junior and Senior division projects since it provides additional insight into the desired area of research.