Blank Forms

Students should get started with the following forms based on their grade (see below). These forms can also be found on the ISEF site. Junior and Senior division students must read and follow the ISEF Rules and they should use the ISEF Rules Wizard.

Online registration is also required for all divsions using the information entered on the following forms.

After completing the online registration process you will be able to print a check-in, check-out, research plan and abstract forms that are brought to the fair when you set up your project. Elementary division students will also print out their fair application that must be signed and brought to the fair. Junior and Senior division students must upload their signed forms as part of the online application process.

Your application is not complete until you can print these out.

Division Grade Blank Forms Deliver Forms
Elementary 4-5 Elementary sample form** bring to fair
Junior 6-8 Junior and Senior forms online
Senior 9-12 Junior and Senior forms online

** This is only a sample form for Elementary division students. Elementary division students should register online. The last step will be to print the filled in version of this form that is then signed and brought to the fair. It does not need to be uploaded as required for the other divisions

Junior and Senior division students start with the Junior and Senior forms that include ISEF Forms 1, 1a, and 1b plus a detailed research plan. All forms are now uploaded to your online account. We no longer require forms to be mailed to us. You only need to bring the check-in, research plan and abstract form when you set up your project.

Note: our Junior and Senior forms allow you to save your information and to upload this information to our website to create your online application. If you use the ISEF forms from the ISEF website you will need to manually transcribe their contents to an online application on our website.

Junior and Senior division students should also use the ISEF Rules Wizard (see Fair Info in the right column) before they start their projects to determine whether they need to provide more than the basic set of ISEF forms. Most projects only require the basic set of forms. Others may require one or two additional forms. Rarely do projects require more. Additional ISEF forms can be found at the Intel ISEF Document library. We recommend that you use the MSEF ISEF forms because these allow the contents to be posted into your online application.

Form 7 is required for any project that is a continuation. A continuation is usually any project where the student participated in the fair the year before in the same category.

Students, teachers and mentors should read the ISEF rules to make sure their project will qualify for the fair. Our fair follows the ISEF rules.

Check out our calendar for the dates for registration and the fair.

Contact us if there are any questions.

Additional ISEF Forms

The following are MSEF versions of the additional ISEF forms that allow uploading of the contents of the forms from these PDF files in the same fashion as the basic files listed above. These forms are only needed for some Junior and Senior division projects and are not used for any Elementary division applications. Use the ISEF Rules Wizard to determine which, if any, of these forms are needed for your project.

ISEF_2019_Basic_Forms.pdf161.81 KB
1C-Regulated-Research-Institution.pdf87.89 KB
2-Qualified-Scientist.pdf91.7 KB
3-Risk-Assessment.pdf62.58 KB
4-Human-Participants.pdf98.82 KB
4-Sample-Informed-Consent.pdf64.28 KB
5AB-Vertebrate-Animal.pdf101.33 KB
6A-Potentially-Hazardous-Biological-Agents.pdf80.9 KB
6B-Human-Vertebrate-Animal-Tissue.pdf80.09 KB
7-Continuation.pdf77.84 KB

Filling in Forms

The Elementary MSEF application and ISEF forms for the Junior and Senior divisions are Adobe PDF that works with the latest version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.Filling in the forms is just the first step to entering the fair. An online application must also be created and all the information on these forms must be entered online as well.

The Elementary division students should use the Acrobat Reader to print out the forms, fill them in including signatures and bring them to the fair.

Junior and Senior division students should do the following.

There are three ways to work with the ISEF forms:

  1. Fill in the forms using Adobe Acrobat and use it to digitally sign the forms. The online help for the Adobe Acrobat program provides information on how to digitally sign a form. Upload these file.
  2. Fill in the forms using Adobe Acrobat, print the forms and sign the printed forms. Upload the scanned or photographed forms.
  3. Print out the blank forms, fill them in and sign the printed forms. Upload the scanned or photographed forms.

The files are uploaded one at a time using the Upload tab of the online application. If you used digitally signed forms then you upload the PDF files.

If you printed the forms and signed them then you need to scan or photograph the forms into one or more files. These files should be PDF or an image file such as GIF, PNG or JPG (JPEG/JPG). Most scanning applications or digital cameras generate these types of files.

Note, you do not have to scan and upload the research plan or abstract. This information is part of the online application but do not require any signatures.


Digital Signatures

We allow the Junior and Senior division students to use of digitial signatures with the ISEF forms. It uses the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. The advantage of this approach is that the forms can be completely filled out electronically. This allows them to be uploaded easily versus printing an application, signing it, scanning it in and then uploading it.

Digital signatures use an encrypted digital certificate that contains your information such as your name and email address. The certificates are unique and can be used with any number of documents. For example, a student may use their digital certificate to digitally sign their application while a teacher can use their certificate to sign the applications for all their students.

The ISEF forms require more than one signature. For example, at least the student, parent and supervisor need to provide signatures on the forms. These can all be digital signatures.

To get multiple signatures from different people on the forms means opening the file using Adobe Acrobat, digitally signing the file and saving it. The saved file is then passed onto the next person. It is not possible to send the same file to multiple people and then mix the resultant files into a single file. The process must be performed sequentially.