Become a Judge

Looking to help out with the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair? If so, then send an email note to Bob Bushar, our judge coordinator.  We might be able to use your expertise as a judge.

All judges should sign up for an account on this website. Please include contact information including your phone number. Ignore the school field since this is for students and teachers. As part of the account creation process you may indicate that you want to be a Judge (the other option is teacher). The account creation is automatic but the judge approval is done manually so it may take us a little while (a day or two at most) to respond. Contact Bob if you do not get a response or have issues creating an account.

Once you have been approved as a judge you can enter additional information when you log in. This information is about your background and what types of projects you can judge. Please enter this information as soon as possible because we use it for assigning judges just before the fair. You should also indicate if you can judge this year. Normally this will be the only item you need to change after your first year of judging.


Judges will also have access to all the research plans and abstracts for projects entered in the fair. This will allow judges to prepare before they arrive at the fair.


Judge Requirements


Judges should have at least a bachelors degree and/or work experience in a scientific or engineering field. Judges will judge projects within their area of expertise, although it might be wider than you might think.

Judging takes place on a Sunday evening (optional) and a Monday morning. Check out the events list for the dates and times.

The only restriction we have is that you not judge any division in which you have students who are related to you in some fashion. This means parents, teachers, and mentors. You may judge divisions in which you do not have such a relationship. For example, if you have a child who is participating in the Senior division but none in the Elementary division, then you could be a judge in the Elementary division.