Teacher Resources

Flyers for the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair can be downloaded from the About the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair page. These hand-outs/flyers that are ready for distribution to teachers, parents and students to let them know about the fair. We hope you will distribute these as widely as possible.  

The rest of this document has additional information teachers and administrators will find useful.

Please contact us if there are any questions about these documents or about participation in the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair.

Create an account

All teachers and administrators should sign up for an account on the site so they can manage the students at their schools. There is a Teacher checkbox that should be checked when creating a new account. Please add information about the position and grades that you work with. Please include contact details if you are not using your school email account. 

It may take a day or two to approach teacher access. At this point you can also request management access for your school. If you manage more than one school then make multiple requests, one for each school. These also need web manager approval so it can take some time. Please email us if you have any questions or issues. 

Registering Students

 These resources provide more information about registering students for the science fair.

More Resources

We will be adding resources and information you might find useful for teachers and students. Also check out the Student Resources as well. These target students as opposed to parents and teachers.

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