Website Content

This book describes the type of content (web pages) that exist on the website as well as how it is organized and how it can be found.

Type of Content

This site contains the following types of content:

This list will be updated as soon as possible if additional node types are added to this site.

Content organization

Content on this site is organized using two methods:

Any content node will be a member of one or more groups. It can also be "tagged" with zero or more topic keywords.

Groups are fixed. We will probably not be adding any more. They are contain all types of content. The group page provides tabbed lists to all content related to the group. The news for each group is also listed on the front page (home) of the site.

Topics are keywords that should describe the information contained in a node. They can be added when a node is created or modified at a later date. They are designed to link related similar information.

Finding Content

You can find information on this site by searching or navigating. To search for information the add the text you are looking for in the text field of the search block in the right column and click on the Search button. Hopefully the information you want will show up in the list that is presented.

Navigation can be done using hyperlinks such as those found in pull down menu at the top of each webpage or by using links found elsewhere on the webpage. These tend to be found through experimentation. For example, the title of most of the list of items on the front page of the site have links to the related group or a list of all the content of a particular type such as News for the Registration group.

The following links provide access to lists that are also accessible using other links such as those on the pull down menu at the top of each page.