Getting Started

The process for registerinig for the fair depends upon what grade you are in. The Elementary division students (grades 4-5) use one method while Junior (grades 6-8) and Senior (grades 9-12) division use another. These are enumerated in the next section.

Elementary Division

There are two ways to get started with the Elementary division registration. These are:

  1. Fill out application online, print the form, sign it and bring it to the fair (recommended)
  2. Print out the blank  form, fill it in manually, sign it, transcribe the contents to an online application, bring the printed application to the fair

We recommend the first approach since it minimizes the amount of work. You will need to get an account on this website at which point an online application can be created.
The alternative is to start with a blank form. This is often the case if the form is provided by the school.
In either case, please check out the restrictions on Elementary division projects.

Junior and Senior Division

Junior and Senior division students use the same registration procedures and forms. Check out the Junior division overview and Senior division overview for specifics on projects.
Sorry but we essentially need two copies of the information on the ISEF forms required to enter the fair. One copy is the onilne registration application. The other copy is the data on the forms themselves. This must be uploaded as part of the online application. The main difference is the latter has written or digital signatures for the student and adults they worked with.
There are three ways to register:

  1. Start online: Enter the data in the online registration application first then download the information to the ISEF PDF file
  2. Start with MSEF file: Fill in the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair ISEF form PDF file
  3. Start with ISEF forms: Fill in the ISEF forms and transcribe the information to an online registration form

The first two methods will require the student to enter the data once. The last requires the information to be entered twice. In all cases, the forms and most of the signatures should be completed before experimentation starts.
All projects must include a research plan, Form 1, 1a and 1b. An abstract must be completed AFTER the project is completed. Everyone should run through the ISEF Rules Wizard to determine if additional forms are required.

Start Online

Starting with an online application is probably the easiest way to handle the registration process. The process steps include:

  1. Download the blank ISEF forms PDF file
  2. Fill in the forms (digitally or printed)
  3. Get an account on this website
  4. Create an application
  5. Transcribe the filled in forms to the online application
  6. Upload the forms
    • The PDF file can either be signed digitally or printed and then signed. Digitally signed forms can simply be uploaded to the online application.
    • For a printed version, scan or photograph the signed forms. These can be PDF, JPG, GIF or BMP files. Upload the digitized version of the forms.

Start with MSEF File

The Blank Forms section contains ISEF forms created for the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair. They are PDF files that are designed to be filled in using Adobe Acrobat. They also include a feature to upload the contents of the file(s) to our website. You will have to create an online account before the information can be uploaded. In general, the upload process should be done once.
The PDF file can then be digitally signed and uploaded or printed, scanned and uploaded.

Start With ISEF Forms

Many students will have already printed and filled in the ISEF forms and then want to register for our fair. In this case the process is:

  1. Create an online application and transcribe the contents of the ISEF forms to the online application
  2. Scan or photograph the ISEF forms and upload them as part of the online application