MSEF Volunteers

The Mercer Science and Engineering Fair is run by volunteers. This include Mercer Science and Engineering Club members as well as other volunteers that act as judges as well as helping set up and take down the fair. This section highlights some of the jobs associated with the fair. The normal sequence for the fair includes:

Day Volunteer Description
Saturday Yes Table set up starting at 8:00am
Sunday Yes Student check in, project set up and safety review, Senior and Junior divsion juding occurs in the evening
Monday Judges Senior and Elementary division judging
Tuesday   Award ceremony starting at 7:00pm
Wednesday   Open house
Wednesday Yes Project pick up starting at 3:00pm. Table tear down from 5:00pm to 7:00pm

We need volunteers for Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday.

Table Set Up

Table set up occurs Saturday before the fair starts. Saturday morning we set up the tables, banners, table clothes and signs for the fair. It takes about an hour if we have a large enough group of people.

Student Check In

Sunday morning is the busiest time for volunteers. We start checking in students at 11:00am. Initial set up for volunteers starts about 10:00am.
We need inviduals to check in each division including Elementary, Junior and Senior. It is easy to learn the check in procedures.
We also need people to handle safety review of projects. This is normally done by people who have handled safety review before and we train new volunteers by partnering them with experienced safety review people. This group essentialy checks projects after they are set up to make sure everything is in order and that no materials are left for judging that should not be there such as glassware or liquids.

Project Tear Down

Teardown occurs Thursday evening. Students are expected to pick up their projects by 7:00pm or they are discarded. We start taking down tables about 5:00pm. We try to remove tables as they are vacated but near the end of the session we will place the projects on the floor so we can remove the tables.
As with table set up, ths session require manual labor although we do need people to take down banners and remove table cloths.