Mercer Science and Engineering Fair Sponsorship

Welcome to the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair. We hope you are interested in sponsoring the fair. All fair costs are covered by our sponsors.
The annual fair is free to all students in grades 4 through 12 that attend school in Mercer County, NJ. This includes home school students.
We have more information about the fair and sponsorship in this book. Check it out and contact us at We look forward to working with you.

Sponsorship Brochure 2018-2019.pdf4.28 MB

Sponsorship Levels

We have sponsorship levels with different benefits depending upon the contribution. These are outlined below.

Sponsorship Level Contribution Benefits
Named Sponsor $10,000 ABCDEFGH
Platinum $7500 CDEFGH
Gold $3000 DEFGH
Silver $1500 EFGH
Bronze $1000 FGH
Friend under $1000 GH


Benefits Description
A Booth at Fair, 1/2 page ad in event program
B 1/4 page ad in event program
C Company/brand specific handouts to fair participants
D 1/8 page ad in event program
E Opportunity to provide banner/signage at event
F Use of photography/image/footage rights from fair
G Logo and company details on our website
H Mention in all press releases and publicity


Sponsorship Brochure 2018-2019.pdf4.28 MB

Sponsors and Judges

The Mercer Science and Engineering Fair does not operate without judges. Our judges have the educational and work experience that allow them to understand and judge the projects at the fair. Details for judges can be found in our Judge section on this website.
We are always looking for new judges and we hope that our sponsors may be able to provide some for the fair. If possible, let your employees know about the fair and direct them to our website if they are interested in being a judge.
Judging is not an all year activity. In fact, it only takes a day or two. We have two judging sessions. One is on Sunday evening. The other is Monday morning. Judges can help with one or both.
Sponsors that wish to provide additional awards can provide judges for those awards if they wish.