MSEF Forms

The MSEF (Mercer Science and Engineering Fair) Elementary Application Form is only used by Elementary division students. It can be found on our Blank Forms page. However, we recommend that you create an online application and provide the information as part of this process. When that is completed you will be able to print a filled in MSEF Elementary Application Form that only needs the student and parent signatures. Bring this form to the fair when you set up the project.

Junior and Senior division students use ISEF forms that are also found on our Blank Forms page. These need to be uploaded to this website as part of the online registration process.

These additional MSEF forms are also used by ALL students and should be brought to the fair when they check in.

  • MSEF Check in letter
  • MSEF Check out letter - bring when you pick up your project at the end of the fair
  • MSEF Research Plan
  • MSEF Abstract

The check in letter is used to record final approval of your project. It will be signed by a safety review member at the fair and should be left with your project. The check out letter should be brought by the person picking up your project. Photo ID is also acceptable at that time.

The MSEF Research Plan and MSEF Abstract forms contain your detailed research plan and abstract that you entered in your online application. The forms are available on the status page of your online application after the information has been entered. These forms should also be left in front of your project when you check in.

We are no longer using the ISEF Abstract form.

MSEF Research Plan

The MSEF Research Plan form provides judges with a standard view of a project's research plan. It should be printed and left in front of a project along with the MSEF Abstract when the project is set up.

The MSEF Research Plan is optional for Elementary and Junior division projects although it is highly recommended.

The research plan should be as detailed as possible. It should include a description of the set up, experimental procedures and clean up procedures to be used by the student. The research plan should be written before the project is started and is required for precertification.

MSEF Abstract

We no longer using the ISEF Abstract form. All projects should use the MSEF Abstract form that is available in the online application once the abstract has been entered. It is simply a matter of clicking the MSEF Abstract link and printing the displayed form.

The abstract should be written AFTER the project is completed and the data is analyzed. It should summarize the hypothesis, procedure, data and results. It should be short and concise.

It is used by judges to get a feel for a project so it is important to write a good abstract.