Mentoring Programs

There are a number of mentoring programs and organizations that can help students work on science fair projects.
These organizations are independent of the Mercer Science and Engineering Club and there is no requirement that interaction with these organizations requires participation in the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair. Likewise, students working with these organizations will not be automatically enrolled in the fair. They must register on this site to participate in the fair. 
Contact these organizations directly if you are interested in becoming a mentor, need a mentor or looking to support those organizations. Contact information is included in the following pages for each organization.

Science Mentors 1 to 1

Contact: Maureen Quinn
Address: 546 Keefe Road, Lawrence, NJ 08648
"Science Mentors 1 to 1 is an organization that develops competency and self-esteem in under-represented high school students through the application of the scientific method to environmental issues."
They match an adult with high school student for research and field work. Part of a students work includes prepareing a lesson based on research for an elementary school class. Students interview experts on the problem he/she is researching. There are applicable field trips are provided for groups of participants.
Check out their website to become a mentor or if you are student interested in participating in the program.

Stoneybrook Millstone Watershed Association

Contact: 609-737-3735
Address: 31 Titus Mill Road,  Pennington, NJ 08534

Stoneybrook Millstone Watershed Association is a non-profit organization run by members and volunteers. It manages the 1,000-acre Watershed Reserve in Hopewell to locations across the region.

he Reserve hosts the Watershed Center for Environmental Advocacy, Science and Education; the Kate Gorrie Butterfly House; the Honey Brook Organic Farm; 4-acre Wargo Pond and more than 10 miles of hiking trails.