The Junior division is the same as the Senior division so please check out the next section that covers the Senior division. The main differences are project restrictions and a project must fall into one of the following categories selected by the student as part of the registration process.

  • Biological
  • Physical

Projects in this division can be registered after they are completed. Precertification is recommended for any project that may be restricted or that meet the precertification requirement. This includes projects that address humans, animals, deal with hazardous materials or biological materials or cultures.

Junior division projects must have all required ISEF forms completed and signed. Digital signatures are preferrable. All ISEF forms needed for a project need to be uploaded in addition to completing the online registration.

We recommend that a student start the application process before they start their project but this is not a requirement. Online applications must be completed by the posted deadline. This includes a detailed research plan and an abstract. The research plan should be completed before the project starts and the abstract should be completed after the project is finished.

Project restrictions

Junior division projects may not include any of the following:

  • No team projects
  • Any projects that are not allowed by ISEF including acid rain studies
  • Projects dealing with culture growth, tissues, DNA

Elementary division projects may include any of the following:

  • Observational animal studies
  • Observational human studies

Please contact us if you have any questions.