The following are scenarios that teachers may encounter when working with the online registration system.

Students Handle Their Application

In this scenario students sign up for an account on this website and create their own application. The teacher is not involved with the online registration process. They may have the students provide printed copies of their application if they wish to check out the application.

In this case, the teacher does not need school management capabilities. They do not need an account although this will allow the webmaster to provide information about the fair via email.

Students Share An Account

This scenario IS NOT RECOMMENDED. This overview is provided to highlight the issues.

In this case, students share a single website account. This approach requires a single email account and matching website account. The problem is that all students must be given access to the website account. Students will have access to all applications including other students that use this account.

To use method, a teacher creates a website account and gives each student a copy of the user name and password. Students can then log on and create an application.

Teacher Handles Registration

This approach is normally used by teachers whose students are in the Elementary division (grades 4-5). These applications require the minimal amount of information including contact information and the name of the project.

Teachers whose students partcipate in the Junior divison (grades 6-8) can do this in the same fashion but we recommend that students sign up for their own account and create their own application. Check the other scenarios for more information.

If this method is chosen then the teacher must print out all the forms for each student.

Teacher Manages Applications

This is the recommended scenario for teachers whose students participate in the Junior (grades 6-8) and Senior (grades 9-12) divisions.

In this case, the teacher and their students should sign up for an account. The teacher should request management access for their school. Students should create their own science fair application.

The students will have access to their own application. The must choose their school. The teacher will have access to all applications.

In general, students should fill in their online application. Teachers will monitor the application status for all students. Teachers will have the ability to make changes if necessary.

Note: Teachers cannot create an application and hand it off to a student account. Teachers can create accounts for students but a unique email address is required for each website account. The account creation process is now automatic so it should be easy for students to create their own account.

The ability for teachers to create student accounts without an email address may be added in the future.