Fair: <a href="/fair/projects/list/876" title="Display list of all fair projects">2024 Mercer Science and Engineering Fair</a>
Event: Junior Division 2024
Event: Junior Division 2024
Table Project Display Board
1 Seconds to Safety IMG_2785.jpg
10 Does Social Media Negatively Affect Your Mental Health? Quad Chart - Science Fair.jpg
10 How Do Chemicals in Processed Foods Affect Our Health? Planaria + Chemicals quad chart.png
10 How Dogs (Both AI generated and real) can help train AI models to spot deepfakes. How Dogs (Both AI generated and real)  can help train AI  models to spot deep fakes..jpg
10 An investigation into milk. The difference between plant-based milk and cow's milk. Screenshot 2024-03-15 192506.png
10 How does the level of solutes (salt) in water affect plant growth over twenty five days? Science Fair Project (1).png
10 Measuring Which Product Works Best to Keep Skin Moist Adhya Abi_ Quad Chart (Moisturizers).pptx__0.jpg
10 Exploring How Different Types of Dyes Saturate Different Types of Fabric Science Fair.png
10 Exploring Lactose Intolerance Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 8.50.07 AM.png
10 The Effect of Model Rocket Tube Length on Stability IMG_2462.jpeg
2 The Effect of home-made disinfectant solutions on strawberries freshness. Quad chart -Strawberry Freshness.jpg
3 Classification of waste materials into biodegradable and nonbiodegradable using machine learning Mercer Science Fair Quad-Chart (1).png
4 Understanding Plant Intelligence Using the Mimosa pudica SamhitaShriram_QuadChart_MSEF2024.png
5 Identifying the Severity of Knee Osteoarthritis Utilizing Machine Learning Science Fair Quad Chart.png
6 How Do Iron Pyrite Cubes Rust in Different Liquids? IMG_0280.jpeg
7 The Effect of Distance on the Light Intensity from Different Sources Quad Chart.jpeg
8 Comparison of Heat Storage in Water Bottle Brands Science Fair Presentation (1).png
9 The Effect Of Temperature On The Bounce Of A Tennis Ball MERCERSEC.quad_.gif