MSEF 2020 Will Be An Online Event

The 2020 Mercer Science and Engineering Fair is set to occur as scheduled but it will not be held at Rider University because the campus is closed due to the coronovirus. We will still be holding the fair but it will be done online. See Virtual Fair Details for more information.

Website and Registration Problems

The website and online registration help us manage the fair and the registration of students but sometimes there can be issues that occur. Occasionally this is due to a bug in our web server but usually it is a common configuration issue. Please check out the following for issues and solutions. If you are still having problems then contact us. We will make sure you are able to participate in the fair.

Keep in mind that you need to consider our website and emails in the same fashion as you would your banking site. You need to be able to accept emails from us as well as turning off any "ad blockers" or other web protection features. Your web browser must accept cookies from our site. Otherwise, the interface will not work as designed. We are not tracking you and no third party tracking systems are employed by this site. Likewise, any information you provide is used exclusively for this fair or for the affiliated fairs should a student win an award to complete in these affiliated fairs.

Account Response Emails

The process of creating an account on this site for fair registration purposes includes receiving a response email after filling in the initial sign up. This email is sent once and may not make it to your in box for a number of reasons. This includes entering the wrong email address or having the response email hidden by a spam filter. In the latter case, you need to check you spam or junk email folder. If nothing is found there then you can try creating an account a second time but use the same email address as the first time. DO NOT USE a second email address to create another account. 

If you receive a notice that your email has already been used then the account has been created and you have not received the automatic response email. In this case please email us (see our contact email above) and we will send you as password to log in.

If you successfully fill in and submit the form again and still do not receive a response email then email us and we will set up the account for you. Please include all the details from the form in your email so we can create the account for you.

Likewise, the password reset system uses the same approach by sending an email to you when you request it. Contact us if the response email should have been sent but you have not received it. Please contact us using the same email address you registered with. 

Fair Application Issues

Ok, you have successfully created an account, logged in, and started an application but something is not working right. First make sure that your browser is accepting cookies from our site and that any 'ad block" or similar anti-tracking feature is turned off. This includes pop up window support. The site will not work properly for you if any of these types of web browser "features" are in use. This an result in things like blank screens, missing links, etc.

Assuming you have turned off all the items noted above and you are still having problems then please contact us so we can help. It will be useful to know what operating system and web browser you are using. Describe any problem in detail if you sending us an email. We will respond as quickly as possible.

We are running a new registration system and we have encountered some bugs that have been fixed but there an always be more. This information will help us determine what is causing your problem and how to address it quickly.

Note, if you have an account and have started an application you do not have to be concerned about any application cut off date if you contact before that date. We will make sure your application is completed and that you participate in the fair.