2022 MSEF Awards List

We encourage you to fill in our 2022 MSEF survey. You need to log in to fill it in. This is primarily for students and teachers. 

Our fair was covered by centraljersey.com.

You can watch the awards ceremony below or on our YouTube channel. You can also download the award list



Award: Grand Prize



Award: First runner up



Award: Second runner up



Award: Broadcom Masters

Organization: Society for Science


Award: First Place



Award: Superior Achievement



Award: Second Place



Award: Outstanding Achievement

Students: Charlotte Sweetman
Students: Phineas Dunne


Award: Third Place



Award: Meritorious Achievement



Award: Honorable Mention



Award: Honorable Mention



Award: Air Force Research Laboratory Award

Organization: US Air Force


Award: APA Outstanding Research



Award: NJ Water Environment Association (NJWEA)



Award: NASA Earth System Science Award 2020

Organization: NASA


Award: NOAA's "Taking the Pulse of the Planet" Award

Organization: NOAA


Award: Naval Science Award



Award: Naval Science Award



Award: RICOH Sustainable Development Award

Organization: RICOH


Award: 1st Place



Award: Stockholm Junior Water Prize



Award: YSEA Science Fair Award



Award: Earle S. Rommel Communications Award