The Effect of Water Temperature on Growth

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The goal of my research was to find out if the temperature of water impact the growth in freshwater wildlife. I chose this topic, because the global temperature is rising, and the rising water temperature in colder regions may effect the growth and survival of the wildlife. I wanted to know if the temperature of water impacts growth. My hypothesis is that it does, because the animals in Antarctica are larger than the same species of animals found in different, warmer oceans. I will monitor the growth progress of the fish and plants in a controlled environment, graph the growth, and investigate possible causes of my findings.


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First, I researched fish. I wanted to learn about their diet, habitat, and potential hazards. I wanted to choose a fish that could safely survive in a wide water temperature range, which I could take care of in my home.

Next, I researched plants with similar ecosystems and adaptations.  I made sure that when taking care of the fish, I kept measuring, feeding, water temperature, and cleanliness in the tank at any time exactly the same for each fish.  For example, when I changed the tank water, I replaced the water with fresh water at the same temperature. 

I recorded weekly measurements and water temperature in a notebook and took pictures.

I chose this topic, because in the South Pole the animals, such as orcas, are larger than similar species in other places. I'm planning to continue to experiment with the temperature of water to see if it impacts the growth of freshwater plants and fish. I controlled the species of marine life, volume of water in the ecosystem, light, and diet. The only variable is the water temperature.

    The goldfish that I used each had a 3.7 gallon tank.  Before starting I knew I would be taking a risk when I chose cold water.  I knew this because the cold water could be too cold and kill the fish. I also had to make sure the water wasn’t too hot either.  I fed both the fish in each tank ¼ of a teaspoon each day.


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