How to do a project

So you are planning on doing a science or engineering fair project. Excellent.

These are the basic steps for doing a project for our fair. Some are only required in the Junior and Senior division (*). Not all steps need to be done in the order listed.

  1. Decide on a topic
  2. Research the topic
  3. Come up with a hypothesis
  4. Start online application (this can be done later)
  5. Create a research plan
  6. * Determine what ISEF forms are required using the ISEF Rules Wizard
  7. * Precertification based on research plan (optional)
  8. * Download, complete and sign in the ISEF forms
  9. Complete experimentation
  10. Create abstract
  11. Finalize online application
  12. Create display board
  13. Print forms from online application to bring to fair
  14. Bring project and forms to the fair

The rest of this section goes into more detail about these steps