Fair Application

This section provides details about the online fair application form. We hold a number of different competitions so some details will be specific to those events. In particular the International Science and Engineering Fair ISEF forms are only needed for events that are affiliated with ISEF. The online application will only have sections for these forms if they are required for the event.

Please read the artificial intelligence and machine learning section if you used any of these tools to create or report on your project. 

These are the primary sections in the application.

  • Project Info (Public information)
    • Project title *
    • Project category *
    • Precertification (ISEF-only, optional)
    • Hypothesis/Project purpose *
    • Research plan *
    • Abstract (in-person competition only) *
    • Bibliography/Citations (optional)
    • Project questions (optional if provided for the event)
    • Project presentation
      • Quad chart or Primary image * - image displayed with your project
      • Project files (optional)
        • Presentation files - this includes items like a slide show or presentation board
        • Additional files - this includes any useful materials such as a lab note book, your research paper, etc.
      • Web pages (optional)
        • Project website - use this is you have a website specifically for your project
        • Project web pages - websites specifically related to the project. This can include websites where you may have materials stored such as GitHub.
        • Additional resources - useful links related to your project such as other competition sides, sources of special materials, etc.
    • Experimentation info * (ISEF-only)
    • ISEF forms * (ISEF-only)
  • Student Info * (Private information)
    • School *
    • Student details *
      • Team competitions require this information for each student
      • Check the event details to see if teams are allowed
  • Release Form * (Private information)

All sections are required except those noted as optional above. The online forms indicate required fields with the red asterisk (*).

Parts of the application are made public and others are kept private, as noted above. The exception is the student's school, name and grade that will be public when the project information is presented.