What to do after you register

This information is for a in-person event. We will be doing virtual judging again in 2023 so you can ignore this section for that event. See Video Presentation for information about the 2023 fair. 

Finish your project and presentation board if you have not already done so.

You will also need to download and print out these fair forms:

  • Fair application - sign and leave at check in table
  • Check in form - leave with project at set up, must be signed by Safety Review person
  • Check out form - bring when the board is picked up
  • Research plan - leave with project at set up
  • Abstract - leave with project at set up

The Fair application must be signed. It is a release form so please read it before signing it. The Check in form and Check out form are used when you set up and pick up your board respectively. The Check in form is left with the project. It must be signed by a Safety Review fair person to verify that your project display is acceptable. You will hand in the Check out form when you pick up your project. Give this form to the person that is picking up your project.

The Research Plan and Abstract forms are fair standard presentations of the information you provided in the online registration. Generally, this information should not be on the presentation board but it may be. These forms are left in front of the board so judges can review this information when evaluating your project. Having this information in a standard format allows judges to more quickly review the basis and results of your project.

Bring your presentation board, the fair forms and any artifacts to the fair during the designated set up time. The forms to bring will be found at the end of your online registration after you have finalized the application.