Teacher Registration

Teachers can create an account on this site. Your account can be used to manage the applications for a school. See Managing a School for more details such as creating student accounts and managing student applications. 

When you sign up for an account you can indicate that you are a teacher. This can be added after the fact if you did not do it initially. Let the webmaster know that you need to change this. 

Students can register for the fair by creating their own users accounts and following the instructions in the Fair Registration book. As a teacher, you can also register your students if you wish although their applications will be managed under your user account which means you will have to handle all data entry and printing the forms to bring to the fair. This will have to be distributed to your students. This is often done for students in lower grades. It is recommended that students participating in the Senior division do their own registration. The same recommendation is given for the Junior division students.