Precertification and ISEF Forms

Projects that do not meet the fair's safety requirements will be disqualified. Projects are reviewed based on the research plan. This must outline all procedures including safety training and precautions and how materials are used and disposed.

Precertification is an optional review of your project BEFORE it is started. Precertification cannot be done after the project is started. Precertification lets you to make sure that your research plan and project are acceptable. Projects that have been precertified and are done based on the research plan are already approved for the fair.

Any project may be submitted for precertification but we highly recommend that it be done for any projects that involve people, animals, microorganism or projects that require safety review. A project will be disqualified if the project is done based on a research plan that is incomplete or follows incorrect or unacceptable procedures.

Check out the Precertification registration help page for more information.