Slide Presentation

A slide presentation is a recommended, and often required, way of presenting your project. It can be uploaded to this website as part of your project entry.

For online competitions we currently limit the number of slides to 12. 

We have include a number of examples that can be used as the basis for your presentation. These are only examples and they can be modified to suit your project. You are not required to use these as a starting point. You can build up a presentation from scratch or utilize other templates. The samples provided here are Microsoft PowerPoint files. 

The posting of the slide show on this site can be as PowerPoint files or Adobe Acrobat PDF files. It can also be a ZIP file with individual images as slides but this is not recommended.

Slide Creation Tools

Slide presentations can be created using a number of different tools such as:

These tools, and others, can usually generate, import and export presentation files using different formats. You can post your presentation using these format but we recommend posting a PDF file as this is a more universal format and one that all the judges can easily view. A PowerPoint format would be the second choice.