Skittles Science

Student: Nyla Hopkins
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I used 7 liquids to see how long it would take to get the color off of a skittle. I predicted bleach would take off the color of skittles faster than any otherh liquid. After the experiment, I discovered that water took off the color the fastest.


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 I will find out how long it takes for bleach, vinegar, water, lemon juice, sprite, coke and milk to dissolve the color coating on Skittles candy. I will have my mom put the the liquids in the paper cups as I measure how much time it will take for the liquids to dissolve. After each color is completed, the liquids will be safely poured in the sink and filled with fresh liquids. Once the Skittle is put in the cup, it will be observed and then I will time it. All of the skittles will be preserved and put on a chart. 

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