The Effect Of Different Types Of Music On Seed Germination

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The purpose of the experiment was to see what type of music seed germinate fastest so that people can see the results and possibly play the specific genre. This could help farmers of anybody growing plants or waiting for seeds to germinate. The hypothesis was, if bean seeds are exposed to classical, pop, and jazz, then the seeds exposed to classical music will germinate fastest. Some of theconstants were the darkness, the amount of water, the type of seed, the type of foam, thicknessof cardboard, time playing music, room, and ruler. The control group was the no-music group. The independent variable is the type of music, the dependent variable is the number of days until seed germination. The dependent variable was measured by days. the seeds were monitored on when they germinated, and then they were averaged together between the two experiments. The jazz seeds ended up germinating the fastest, coming after them was the classical music seeds. Next, the control group (no music) germinated, finally the pop seeds actually to the longest to germinate. The hypothesis was rejected because the classical music seeds germinated after the jazz seeds. If Iredid the experiment I would do many more trials, use many more replicates, and make sure that there were no random errors that I could fix easily. The systemic errors would be very hard to fix but they could still possibly be fixable. Overall there weremany tinyerrors throughout that I could have fixed easily. to minimize errors I could have used a heat regulated room in which the temperature would be the same throughout all trials. I could also use a room with absolutely no sound which could affect what the plants hear. Finally, if I had this type of room I could spread the seeds apart so that there was no chance at all of the other seeds hearing their music.


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Music is a collection of coordinated sound or sounds (Przybylek). Sounds are vibrations created by an object moving. Sounds put together into an organized or even disorganized group is music. Scientists have tried to test if plants can hear. Some parts of a plant hint towards this theory. For example, the bowl shape of a flower shows that it might be used to trap in more sounds of pollinators. 

          There are many different genres of music in the world, but only a few might help germination. Germination is the process of seeds developing into new plants. Environmental conditions trigger seeds to grow, then the seeds fill with water which then activates enzymes. Enzymes start seed growth in which seeds grow toward the light source (Robb). Music can be classified into tricky groups called genres. Genres can be classified by their tempo. For example, Classical music is like Baroque but classical music is more powerful and has a slower light, dreamy kind of tempo. Classical music is also airy which is because of the fact that all instruments are playing one melody, while in others they might play different melodies at the same time. 



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