The Effect of Synthetic Shampoo Compared to Organic Shampoo on the Amount of Grease Your Hair Produces

Student: Colleen Smith
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Experimentation location: Home
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After doing my experiment the results I found were very interesting. To figure out what shampoo removed the most grease I had to take into account the yarn ball's original weight (5 grams), its weight after it was soaked with grease, and its weightafter it was washed and dried. I found the grease removed from the Coconut Milk shampoo was 0.05grams, the Castile Soap Herbal shampoo removed 1.2 grams, and the store bought suave shampoo removed 1.15 grams. The Coconut shampoo was least effective and the Suave store bought shampoo was most effective.


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For my science fair project, I wanted to find out if homemade shampoos removed just as much, if not more, hair sebum than store bought shampoos.  To start my experiment, I did a little research on sebum and how I could conduct my experiment. The majority of my products were easily found at home but some products I needed to buy were: acetone, jojoba oil, coconut milk, a digital scale, castile soap and 100% wool yarn.  First I made coconut milk shampoo and Castile soap shampoo.  Next I created the artificial hair sebum and soaked balls of yarn in it, each weighing 5 grams originally. Then I did a series of steps to dry the yarn balls and make sure they were evenly soaked. I created a solution to wash them with. After I washed them I dried them and recorded my data. Some safety precautions include keeping the acetone away from open flames, wearing gloves, and getting rid of the left over acetone by dumping it outside wear no animal would be near it. 


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