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There were 1,065 Green M&Ms and 1,144 Red M&Ms out of a total of 2,209 M&Ms.

I observed that there were more Red M&Ms than Green M&Ms.


My Hypothesis was correct because there were more Red M&Ms than Green M&Ms.


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I am going to predict what color m&m is most popular.


Standard-size packages of plain M&M's (at least 5, each holding 47.9 g) Polar graph paper Lab notebook



1.Make a data table. 2.Open the 1st pack of M&Ms. 3.Count the number of M&Ms of each color and write it on the data table.(Repeat step 3 for 5 packs) 4.Do the adding through each row and write the answers in the total column. 5.Find the average by dividing the total by 5.




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