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Before my project I thought that the crystals formed when the molecules of the sugar and water are mixed together! During my experiment I was able to prove crystals can grow by mixing sugar and water.


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Research Plan:

I am going to research to see if crystals can grow from making a sugar/water solution.

1.On Day 1, cut two pieces of yarn. Each piece should be approximately 1 inch longer than the height of the glass jars.

 2.Set one of the pieces of string aside and do nothing to it. Soak the other piece of string in a cup of water for 5 minutes.

3.After soaking, use your hand to squeeze the excess water from the string. Roll the string in 1 tablespoon of sugar on a plate. The string will be coated with sugar.These small bits of sugar are the seeds on which other sugar crystals might grow.

4 Lay both your seeded (sugar-coated) string and your non-seeded string on a piece of wax paper overnight. Make sure they are not touching.

5. On Day 2, prepare the strings.

6.Preheat the glass jars. This will ensure that you are not adding your hot sugar-water solution to a cold jar, which would result in a dramatic temperature change that might make small crystals form along the glass. 

7. Make the sugar-water solution

8. .Loosely cover the jars with a paper towel to prevent dust and debris from flying in, while still allowing evaporation to occur.

9. Observation daily and record notes in lab notebook. 

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