The Effect of the different pH levels on the tensile strength of a piece of cardstock

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Put the three cups for your liquid out in front of
2. Then pour each liquid into each cup. One cup has
just 1 cup of water because of the neutral pH.
Another cup has 7 teaspoons of baking soda
mixed in with 1 cup of water which is alkaline pH.
(Make sure to really mix the baking soda and
water and try your best to dissolve it.) The last cup
is just one cup of vinegar which is acidic pH.
3. Once you finish pouring each liquid into each cup,
take three pieces of cardstock that are the same
size and place one into each cup. (Make sure the
cardstock fits perfectly into each cup).
4. Check on the cups in 9 hours then try to slowly rip
each sheet of cardstock and observe which piece
of cardstock is easier to rip in what liquid.

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