Managing a school

If you have signed up as a Teacher when creating your account on this site or you had that status set for you by the webmaster then you can request access to one or more schools. This will let you access the following information on the Fair Teacher tab.

  • Create student accounts
  • View student applications

There is a My Account link at the top of each page. This displays your user information and a set of tabs including the Fair Teacher tab. Note, the Fair Applications tab is for applications that you create under your account. You can create individual applications for students on your account but you must then manage them from your account. The students will not have access to them. Likewise, if the students create an account and an application then you will be able to view the account but not edit it. 

The ability to create an account lets you set the details like the school, username and password that you can then give to the student. You will need an email address as well. If you have a GMail account or your email server lets you use combination names like then you can use your own email address in this form for each student. Of course, then any of our information or query emails will be coming to you. 

A list of student applications will be presented, grouped by school, on your Fair Teacher tab. Students that have an account will be listed below in Create Account button. New accounts do not have an application associated with them so you my see many accounts that you or the students have created but no applications if none have been created yet. You will be able to view all the fields in the application once an application has been started.