Robot Competition Judging

We will have more details about the judging process in the near future so check back here for more details.

Judging is based on the information you provide in you application which is part of the online registration process. The other is a video conference interview with all participants. This will be the full group for team entries.

Here is a basic outline:

  • After you have finalized your fair application you will be notified about your judging session prior to judging.
  • Judging will start at this time based on the materials you provide in your online application.
  • The judging session will be 20 minutes.
    • First 15 minutes: Judges will talk to you about your project. You can use screen sharing to provide a presentation but keep in mind that you should upload or link to these types of materials in your application so the judges can see them ahead of time.
    • Last 5 minutes: We will have a guest judge that is an expert in the field of robotics. You may ask any questions at this time. The guest judge will change for each session and we will try to let each group know ahead of time who you will be talking to so you can prepare questions if you wish.