Primary Project Image

The following are some examples of a project's primary image. The image may be of a project board that would be displayed at the fair or an artifact or result of a project. It should not be a photograph if the participants or pictures of people involved in the project, research or testing unless the images have anonymized.

You should not post any photos or materials that you do not own the copyright to unless you have received written permission or if your are free to distribute them such as items covered under a Creative Commons license. In these cases you need to make sure the proper annotations are provided.

Project Board Image

This is an example of a project board for the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair. If you click on the image you can view it at full resolution.

Sample display board

The downside to this type of image is that it is only useful when viewing the full image rather than what is in the application or in a list of projects. On the plus side, it can be examined in detail. If a project board is created and this is not uses as the primary image then we suggest that this type of image be part of the additional files that are uploaded. It is also possible provide close ups of the various sections of the board as well.

This particular image was created and then printed to generate the actual project board. Photographs of the final board can also be used here.

Photo of an Artifact Such as a Robot

Laura's robot Often an artifact or example of what the project was covering would be a useful primary image. It may be a simple photograph or it could be drawing. Annotations can be useful.

The image may also be one of many others that can be include in other sections of the application. The primary image is simply the one that will be shown when people and judges view your project summary that includes the hypothesis/purpose, research plan and abstract.