How to register

The registration process for our events is event-specific. We outline basic registration process here. There are annotations where some steps may be required for some competitions. For example, events that are related to the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) will require ISEF forms to completed and uploaded. We have also been doing online only competitions where all information is posted on this website. Make sure you check the event details that can be found the event registration page to see what registration steps are required.

The basic steps for registration include:

  1. Sign up for an account on this website
  2. Log in and start an online fair application
    • You can save the application and edit at any time until it is finalized.
    • See the Fair Application page for details about what information is in the application.
  3. For ISEF-related events including MSEF Junior and Senior Division events:
    • Precertification of project is available BEFORE the project experimentation starts. A detailed research plan must be provided in the application for review by our safety committee.
    • ISEF forms are required
      • Use ISEF Rules Wizard to determine which forms are required for the project.
      • Upload scanned copies of the signed ISEF forms in the application
  4. Finalize the application.
    • No changes can be made to the application after this is done.
    • The project is then reviewed by our safety review committee (SRC) which will approve or disqualify a project

What happens next will be specified in the even details. This may include online video conference interviews or judging may be based solely on what you have provided as part of the application.

Fairs that have a physical component will have you bring your project and forms to the fair. in this is the case you will need to print the fair forms to bring to the fair with your project. Links to these forms are found in the list of applications you have submitted. This is the page you see when you log in. Online-only competitions do not have these additional forms.