Robot Design Competition Description

Large or small, all robots and robotic projects are welcome.

Are you already building a robot? 
Or have an idea and want to get started?
By yourself or with friend?
You are in the right place!  Join the competition!  Share our knowledge and learn a ton from the other students/teams and from our expert judges!

The Mercer Science and Engineering Club's annual Robot Design Competition allows students to highlight their robots and subsystem designs. It is open to individuals and teams in grades 6 through 12 who go to school in the United States.

Note, the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair is limited to students in Mercer County, NJ. Participation in the Robot Design Competition is not limited to this area.

If you know of someone that might be interested then send them the Robot Competition Flyer or have them check out this website.

Any student may only be part of one submission to the competition. Students are not allowed to participate in more than one team or have an individual submission as well as a team submission.  The number of entries is limited to 50 individuals or teams, on a first-to-sign-up basis.  All 50 participants/teams will be invited to attend video conference technical sessions on various robotics topics, and to share their knowledge with other participants at the award ceremony.  (Dates are given on the MSEC main page.)

If you sign up as a team you will only need one account on the site and one application. The application will include the names of all team members.

Participants are encouraged to submit their projects to other competitions as well. Entries may come from teams and individuals already competing in other robotic competitions. Many of those stress the operation of the robots.  In contrast, the MSEC Robot Design Competition examines innovative design, implementation and understanding. We welcome robot tools and features such as path planning algorithms, motion control systems and sensors.

Please click and read about each of the 4 categories at the bottom of the page.  Each application must select one category. "Robot System Design" is for full robots, whereas the other categories do not have to involve a complete or finished robot.  If you can't find a category that fits your project perfectly, please pick the one you feel fits best.


  1. Decide which category you would like to compete in
  2. Sign up for a user name and login, if you don't have one yet
  3. Start the Fair Registration by submitting the information you have and hand and SAVE it. (Get started now, don't wait until number 51!)
  4. Build your robot - be sure to document the steps, calibrations etc.
  5. Complete your submission on the registration page step by step
  6. Finalize your registration before the deadline.  Once you hit "finalize", you cannot make changes.
  7. Schedule a time for your judge interview (video conference)
  8. Attend the technical webinar (recommended but not required)
  9. Attend the award ceremony (required) (video conference)

Go for it!  The MSEC team wishes you success and a LOT of fun!