2021 MSEF Awards

We are pleased to present the award winners of the 69th annual, 2021 Mercer Science and Engineering Fair. The Grand Prize winner of the Senior Division is Charlotte Lenore Michaluk from Hopewell Valley Central High with the project Innovative Climate Change Emissions Reduction: The Cargo Ship Flettner Rotor Centrifugal Vortex Exhaust Scrubber. There is a recent article in Mercer Me about Charlotte and the MSEF YouTube channel has the open house and award videos for your viewing pleasure.

First runner up was Aravind Krishnan from Hillsborough High School with the project A Novel Assay to Quantitatively Detect Bacterial Endotoxin by Harnessing PAMP Triggered Immunity of  RK1 LUC Arabidopsis thaliana. The 2nd runner up was Sota Mark Ogata from Princeton High School with the project Zircon - An affordable, powerful, and customizable educational soccer robot kit for beginners. The Grand prize winner and 1st runner up will compete in this year's Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair in May.

Top Junior Division projects were by Jillian Yao of St. Ann's School with the project The Effect of Silver Nanoparticles on the Viability of Bacteria, Fungi, Aquatic Organisms and Plants and Zachary Malus from the Chapin School with the project The Effect of Balloon Type on Helium Diffusion. They will compete in the Broadcom Master competition.

You can view the projects online. We will also be having a virtual open house where the top projects will be presented to the public. Contact us if you would like to attend.