Generative AI/ChatGPT and MSEF 2024

If you have not heard about it yet, the latest craze in machine learning is something called generative artificial intelligence (AI) or generative AI. The first and most noted generative AI platform is ChatGPT and a generic term is chatbot. These large language model (LLM) machine learning (ML) platforms use natural language input to generate something from more text to image files. For example, someone could ask a chatbot to write an introduction letter. 

These tools allow someone with minimal expertise to create something they may not be able to do themselves or by using other tools. The tools can make mistakes although they are being improved over time. 

The use of generative AI or any type of AI tools or generated results is allowed for the 2024 Mercer Science and Engineering Fair although it is not recommended.

Any use of these tools or results MUST BE ANNOTATED. Details are available in our online documentation regarding the use of artificial intelligence and machine learing tools.  

For example, if you use an image generated with one of these tools then you must note who initiated the work, what tool was used and what type of tool was used such as The Finalist, ChatGPT, and Generative AI. This also includes any text such as any or all of a research paper, research plan, procedures, analysis and so on. 

Project files and presentations should err on the side of more annotation rather than less. When in doubt, noted it. We are available to answer any questions you may have regarding a particular issue or this issue in general. 

There is a general question in the fair application regarding the use of artificial intelligence tools. This will not affect how your project will be judged.