Fair: <a href="/fair/projects/list/836" title="Display list of all fair projects">2023 Mercer Science and Engineering Fair</a>
Event: Junior Division 2023
Event: Junior Division 2023
Table Project Display Board
1 Sunlight, Salt Water & Solar Desalination – the effect container color may have on seawater desalination rates Screenshot (3).png
10 A Tsunami Study: The Effect of Water Depth on Wave Velocity Anamitra Quad Chart- 2023.jpg
11 An application to predict Traumatic Brain Injuries through analyzing variations of patterns in temperature. Dattatri, Amogh, Predicting Traumatic Brain Injury and Alerting Emergency Contacts.pdf
12 Magnetic Radishes- The Effect of Magnetism on the Height of Radishes 9468AB66-F8FB-42CE-9E21-4333FBDCBD8D.jpeg
13 The Impact of Different Fabrics and the Resistance to Mosquitoes: Which Types of Fabrics Let Mosquitoes Go Through? Olivia Ahn Quad Chart.png
14 How does the temperature of the oven affect the weight of a cupcake. Brown Aesthetic 2023 Desktop Wallpaper.png
15 Does the material used in a circuit affect the voltage of an electric current? Quad chart - Aiden Dutt Science Fair_0.jpg
16 How does salinity of water affect boiling time? 2023 Quad Chart - Vinay Batra.pdf
17 How does the amount of heat affect the time it takes water to boil? Bea's quad chart .jpg
18 The Effect of the different pH levels on the tensile strength of a piece of cardstock Amrritha Quad chart .png
2 The Effect of Relative Position on Decibel Readout 3FF81ACA-D05E-484D-80B7-7B76A549B7E5.jpeg
3 The Gauss Rifle gauss_rifle.jpeg
4 The Effect of Oxygen on the HOTHANDS Hand Warmer's Temperature MSEF Robert Wei Quad Chart.jpg
6 The Effect of type of wax on a candle's melting time. IMG_2459 (1).jpg
7 The Effect of Pesticide on Plant Development and Growth Sadie's Quad chart -2023.jpg
8 Road Sign Recognition: Using Machine Learning to Spot Road Signs Adhya Abi - Quad chart 2023.png
9 Paper Towel Absorbency of Olive Oil Pic of Raj Poster Board.jpg