Fair: <a href="/fair/projects/list/876" title="Display list of all fair projects">2024 Mercer Science and Engineering Fair</a>
Event: Junior Division 2024
Event: Junior Division 2024
Table Project Display Board
1 Seconds to Safety IMG_2785.jpg
10 Does Social Media Negatively Affect Your Mental Health? Quad Chart - Science Fair.jpg
10 How Do Chemicals in Processed Foods Affect Our Health? Planaria + Chemicals quad chart.png
10 How Dogs (Both AI generated and real) can help train AI models to spot deepfakes. How Dogs (Both AI generated and real)  can help train AI  models to spot deep fakes..jpg
10 An investigation into milk. The difference between plant-based milk and cow's milk. Screenshot 2024-03-15 192506.png
10 How does the level of solutes (salt) in water affect plant growth over twenty five days? Science Fair Project (1).png
10 Measuring Which Product Works Best to Keep Skin Moist Adhya Abi_ Quad Chart (Moisturizers).pptx__0.jpg
10 Exploring How Different Types of Dyes Saturate Different Types of Fabric Science Fair.png
10 Exploring Lactose Intolerance Screen Shot 2024-03-16 at 8.50.07 AM.png
10 The Effect of Model Rocket Tube Length on Stability IMG_2462.jpeg
2 The Effect of home-made disinfectant solutions on strawberries freshness. Quad chart -Strawberry Freshness.jpg
3 Classification of waste materials into biodegradable and nonbiodegradable using machine learning Mercer Science Fair Quad-Chart (1).png
4 Understanding Plant Intelligence Using the Mimosa pudica SamhitaShriram_QuadChart_MSEF2024.png
5 Identifying the Severity of Knee Osteoarthritis Utilizing Machine Learning Science Fair Quad Chart.png
6 How Do Iron Pyrite Cubes Rust in Different Liquids? IMG_0280.jpeg
7 The Effect of Distance on the Light Intensity from Different Sources Quad Chart.jpeg
8 Comparison of Heat Storage in Water Bottle Brands Science Fair Presentation (1).png
9 The Effect Of Temperature On The Bounce Of A Tennis Ball MERCERSEC.quad_.gif
Event: Senior Division 2024
Event: Senior Division 2024
Table Project Display Board
ANIM1 Investigating the Origins of Niche Shift in Bagheera kiplingi MCSF Quad Chart_0.png
BEHAV1101 A Qualitative Comparison of the Fast Fourier Transform and the Morlet Wavelet Transform for Potential Depression Diagnosis ISEF Quad Chart (1).png
BEHAV1102 The Influence of Social Settings on E-Cigarette and Alcohol Use Quad chart.jpg
BEHAV1103 The Diversity in College Admission: a study of Asian American applicants in Harvard Judicial Case QuadChart.jpg
BEHAV1104 OxySleep: An LSTM-based Machine Learning Approach to Sleep Apnea Detection using Blood Oxygen Data QuadChart.png
CHEM1 Novel Quantum Materials for Low Power Electronics MSEFQuadChart_ShlokaShriram.png
CHEM2 Predicting Crystal System of Cathode Materials in Lithium-Ion Batteries Using Machine Learning Models Quad chart Tyler Fu.pptx_.png
CHEM3 Predicting Compound Melting Temperatures from Computationally Derived Properties Using Machine Learning MSEF 2024 Quadchart.jpg
CHEM4 High Throughput Virtual Screening of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Hydrogen Storage Quad Chart-1.png
COMP1 Assessing ESG Compliance and Impact: A Zero-Shot Learning Approach to Analyzing Fortune 500 Companies' Sustainability Reports Armaan Agrawal - .png
COMP2 How and Why Large Language Models Rewrite Text: A Study in Media Bias Mitigation quad_chart.jpg
COMP3 Semi-Supervised Pulmonary Auscultation Analysis with Cross Pseudo Supervision MSEF Quad Chart 2.png
COMP4 Machine Learning Video Analysis to Assess Pitcher’s Injury Risk in Baseball Games Quad Chart.png
COMP5 Multi-Unit Reconfigurable Robot MSEF Quad Chart.png
COMP6 Machine Learning for HIV-ART Optimization IMG_5900.jpg
COMP8 Enhancing Autism Research with Apple Vision Pro: Developing Software for Data Collection TBA.png
ENERG1 Stretchable, Breathable Wearable Batteries using a Holey Design Quad Chart Stretchable, Breathable Wearable Batteries using a Holey Design MSEF_0.jpg
ENG1 Multi-Terrain Adaptable Post Disaster Rescue navigation Vehicle 幻灯片1_5.GIF
ENG3 Automated Farmland Contamination Monitoring Using Internet of Things Lizbeth He- Quad Chart Image.png
ENV1 3D digital holographic microscopic water quality detection system Quad chart.png
ENV2 Eco-friendly Remediation of PFOA Contamination using BTs-ZVI (Banana Peel, Tapioca - Zero Valent Iron) Emily Lee - MSEF Quad Chart.jpg
ENV3 EcoCast: Multi-Task Global Temperature Forecasting via Autoregressive Transformers PHAN_ISEF_2023_Quad_Chart.jpg
ENV4 The Effect of EV Battery Metals on River Microbial Systems Quad_Chart_Zeeshan_Shariff.png
MED1 Assessing Mutations In Beta-Globin Gene For Improved Protein Folding Quad chart v2 (1).JPG
MED10 Antibiotic Interplay of the Keto Diet, High-Protein Diet, and the Green Mediterranean Diet on Gut Microbiota Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 11.19.52 PM.png
MED10 Combining Image similarity and Predictive AI Models to Decrease Subjectivity in Thyroid Nodule Diagnosis and Improve Malignancy Prediction Quad Chart_0.png
MED10 Navigating the Tumor Microenvironment: Identifying Novel Biomarkers in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Using Single-Cell Transcriptomics Quadchart2.0.png
MED10 Revolutionizing Asthma Treatment: A Breakthrough in LABA Design Enhances Both Selectivity and Efficacy MSEF_Scientific Poster_LABA.jpg
MED10 Pioneering Anti-Inflammatory Therapy: The Path to Precision Therapy with C3aR Peptide Libraries Purpose.png
MED3 Investigating the Mechanisms of Microglia/Macrophage Activation in Mediating Inflammatory Responses following Distraction Spinal Cord Injury WechatIMG9129.jpeg
MED4 Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) as Potential Anticarcinogenic Agents Against U937 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer Cells Quad chart Kqin.jpg
MED6 The Efficacy of Various Food Preservation Methods Against the Growth of Escherichia Coli in a Controlled Environment Akhilesh Chauhan - Rough Draft for Application.jpg
MED7 Investigating the Pharmacological Effects on Action Potential Parameter Change by Simulated Spinal Cord Compression with Lumbricus Terrestris Quad Chart_0.jpg
MED8 A Novel Interpretative Deep Neural Network with Grad-CAM’s Heatmap for The Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease QuadChart-finalAnnie.jpg
MED9 Analysis of E. coli growth dynamics during Lambda(vir) phage infection reveals phage decay Mercer County Science Fair Quad Chart.png
PLANT1 The Effects of Classical Music on the Growth of Vernalized Radish Plants Quad Chart - The Effects of Classical Music on the Growth of Vernalized Radish Plants - Aishwarya Gadicherla.jpg
PLANT2 Deciphering the Airborne Sounds of Plants Under Drought Stress quad_chart-1.png
Fair: <a href="/fair/projects/list/836" title="Display list of all fair projects">2023 Mercer Science and Engineering Fair</a>
Event: Junior Division 2023
Event: Junior Division 2023
Table Project Display Board
1 Sunlight, Salt Water & Solar Desalination – the effect container color may have on seawater desalination rates Screenshot (3).png
10 A Tsunami Study: The Effect of Water Depth on Wave Velocity Anamitra Quad Chart- 2023.jpg
11 An application to predict Traumatic Brain Injuries through analyzing variations of patterns in temperature. Dattatri, Amogh, Predicting Traumatic Brain Injury and Alerting Emergency Contacts.pdf
12 Magnetic Radishes- The Effect of Magnetism on the Height of Radishes 9468AB66-F8FB-42CE-9E21-4333FBDCBD8D.jpeg
13 The Impact of Different Fabrics and the Resistance to Mosquitoes: Which Types of Fabrics Let Mosquitoes Go Through? Olivia Ahn Quad Chart.png
14 How does the temperature of the oven affect the weight of a cupcake. Brown Aesthetic 2023 Desktop Wallpaper.png
15 Does the material used in a circuit affect the voltage of an electric current? Quad chart - Aiden Dutt Science Fair_0.jpg
16 How does salinity of water affect boiling time? 2023 Quad Chart - Vinay Batra.pdf
17 How does the amount of heat affect the time it takes water to boil? Bea's quad chart .jpg
18 The Effect of the different pH levels on the tensile strength of a piece of cardstock Amrritha Quad chart .png
2 The Effect of Relative Position on Decibel Readout 3FF81ACA-D05E-484D-80B7-7B76A549B7E5.jpeg
3 The Gauss Rifle gauss_rifle.jpeg
4 The Effect of Oxygen on the HOTHANDS Hand Warmer's Temperature MSEF Robert Wei Quad Chart.jpg
6 The Effect of type of wax on a candle's melting time. IMG_2459 (1).jpg
7 The Effect of Pesticide on Plant Development and Growth Sadie's Quad chart -2023.jpg
8 Road Sign Recognition: Using Machine Learning to Spot Road Signs Adhya Abi - Quad chart 2023.png
9 Paper Towel Absorbency of Olive Oil Pic of Raj Poster Board.jpg
Event: Senior Division 2023
Event: Senior Division 2023
Table Project Display Board
BEHAV1 Women on the Chopping Block? Gender Dynamics on Popular Kids Cooking Competition Shows and in the Culinary Profession msef poster.png
CHEM1 Engineering novel functional bread through fortification with quercetin nanoparticles QuadChart-WHuang-final.png
CHEM2 Scrubs with Bugs: Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Foaming Properties of Soaps Made with Sustainable Oils Gonzalez-MSEFQuad copy.jpg
COMP1 DeepLPI: a novel deep learning-based model for protein–ligand interaction prediction for drug repurposing QuadChart.png
COMP2 Understanding Dog Behavior through Visual and Aural Sensing Using Deep Learning quadchart_Understanding Dog Behavior through Visual and Aural Sensing Using Deep Learning.jpg
ENG1 The implementation of an augmented reality display and a virtual reality controller on glasses QuadChart.JPG
ENG2 Autonomous Soccer Robot IMG_1232 (1).jpg
ENG3 Standing Mobility Device for People with Lower Limb Difficulties SMD Quad Chart.jpg
ENG4 Developing a Soft Robot Inspired by Octopuses for Efficient Ladder Climbing ISEF - QuadChart.png
ENG6 Innovative Climate Change Emissions Reduction Charlotte Michaluk - Quad Chart.png
ENV2 Catalytic Carbon Capture: a Low-cost Climate Change Mitigation Strategy Shrey Khetan Quad Chart.png
ENV3 A Novel Method to Accelerate the Degradation Rate of Plant-based Tableware Using Compost Tea Discussion.png
MATH1 The Physics Behind Cooking Intelligence Quad Chart - Physics of Cooking Intelligence.jpg
MATH2 Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic Approach of Infertility in Chinese Traditional Medicine Quad Chart-Jack Zheng.png
MATH3 Strict Inequalities for the n-crossing Number Quad Chart.jpg
MATH7 Nonexistence of a Universal Algorithm for Investment Problems in Constructive Mathematics Quad Chart.png
MATH8 Using Gaia DR3 to Calibrate Cepheid Star Luminosity to Give Confidence to the Cosmic Distance Ladder Quad Chart - MSEF - Chris Joseph_Page_1.png
MED1 Melanin in Interstellar space Melanin and its connection to Earth.pptx_.jpg
MED10 Monitoring The Changes in Oxygen Levels in Different Exercises QuadChart1.png
MED11 CodOpt: Enhancing Drug and Vaccine Development by Using Deep Learning and Natural-Language Processing to Optimize Recombinant Codon Sequences via a Host-Independent Data Pipeline MSEF-Quad-Chart-Bhushan-Mohanraj.png
MED12 Effects of Aluminum Nitrate on C-elegans Quad Chart.png
MED2 The Genetic Inheritance Basis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus abstract.png
MED5 Role of S309-CAR-NK in Neutralizing SARS-CoV2 Screen Shot 2023-03-11 at 2.31.41 PM.png
MED6 Biochemical Nanosensor Networks for Accurate Injury Detection 2023 Quad Chart -  Lawrence He.jpg
MED7 Burn the Worm: Advancing Manduca Sexta as a New Model for Skin Injury and Infection
MED8 Prospects for Brain Computer Interfaces: Neuralink Versus Stentrode Quad Chart.jpg
MED9 The Effect of Diet on the Lifespan of eat-2, daf-16 and Wildtype C. Elegans QuadChart2.png
PLANT1 Combating the Effect of Global Warming on Plants through Photosynthesis Selection Untitled presentation.jpg
PLANT2 Mealworm frass as fertilizer: growth outcomes in Brassica rapa Quad Chart- Katherine Monroe.png
PLANT3 The Effectiveness of Neem Oil and Beneficial Nematode Treatments on the Growth of Early Vegetative State Soybean Plants MSEF QuadChart.jpg
Fair: <a href="/fair/projects/list/801" title="Display list of all fair projects">2022 Mercer Science and Engineering Fair</a>
Event: Junior Division 2022
Event: Junior Division 2022
Table Project Display Board
1 The Impact of Yeast on Bread Flour Rising Quad Chart - Adhya - Year 1_0.png
10 The Effect of the pH Level In Water on the Speed of Plant Germination Quad Chart_0.png
11 The Effect of Cleaning Methods on the Approximate Bacterial Count of a Cell Phone Case
Awards: Outstanding Achievement (2), Naval Science Award
Sawyer Berness - Quad chart .png
12 The Effects of Chemicals on Pea Germination Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 10.49.02 PM.png
13 Does Changing The Type of Liquid Affect How Fast An Ice Cube Will Melt?
Awards: Honorable Mention (4)
Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 12.11.47 PM.png
14 The Effect Of The Method Prior To Washing a Shirt On The Opacity Of The Stain
Awards: Meritorious Achievement (3)
quad chart .png
15 The Effect on the Electrical Load on the Temperature of the Solar Panel
Awards: Thermo Fisher Junior Innovators Challenge, Superior Achievement (1)
Screenshot 2022-03-06 7.40.38 PM.png
16 The Effect of Water Temperature on Sugar Cube Decomposition Rate Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 12.25.55 PM.png
17 How Do Amounts of pH Affect a Sponge’s Performance
Awards: Outstanding Achievement (2), Naval Science Award
Grant Berness - Quad chart 2_0.jpg
18 The Effect of Paper Material on Burn Rate Sabrina Shields - Quad chart 2_0.png
19 Sand Science: The Effect of Particle Size on Speed of Water Flow Fred Sullivan - Quad chart 2_0.jpg
2 How Does The Amount of Light Effect Plant Growth
Awards: Outstanding Achievement (2)
CSweet Quad.jpg
21 Impact of Color on the Burn Rate of Candles quadchart.png
23 The Effect of the Temperature of the Environment on the Speed of a Pea Plant Germination Process Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 11.02.13 AM.png
3 The Effect of Different Brands, SPFs, Types of Sunscreens, and the Amount of Sunscreen on how well They Protect Against UV Light
Awards: Honorable Mention (4)
Display file.jpg
4 The Effect of Blade Length of Wind Turbines on the Amount of Energy It Produces
Awards: Meritorious Achievement (3), Naval Science Award
Quad Chart_0.png
5 The Effect of the Location of Bodies of Water in Mercer County on Water Quality Quad Chart- Lily Orn MSEF 2022.png
6 Can Ferromagnetic Nanoparticles Help Clean Ocean Oil Spills? The Effect of Ferrofluids & Magnetic Strength on Efficiency of Separating Oil from Water
Awards: Thermo Fisher Junior Innovators Challenge, Superior Achievement (1)
Quad Chart 2022 - Jillian Yao final.jpg
7 The Effect Of Counterweight On Trebuchet Launch Distance
Awards: Thermo Fisher Junior Innovators Challenge, Superior Achievement (1)
Quad Chart.jpg
8 Memory Games: The Effect of Age on Memory as Measured by Memory Games
Awards: Honorable Mention (4)
Neve Sirois Quad chart.jpg
9 The Effect of Temperature on Viscosity Mia Monteiro - Quad chart 2_0.jpg
Event: Senior Division 2022
Event: Senior Division 2022
Table Project Display Board
BEHAV1 The effects of external variables on the likelihood of athletes to report concussion symptoms
Awards: Air Force Research Laboratory Award, APA Outstanding Research, First Place
quad chart - Becker.png
BEHAV2 Evaluating the Extent to which Social Media Affects the Lifestyle Decisions of Millennials and Gen Z'ers Quad Chart - Aliza Manekia.png
BEHAV3 How Does the Brain See the World - Decoding Visual Stimulus Using fMRI
Awards: Honorable Mention
Quad chart Junzhu Ma_00.png
BEHAV4 Early Detection of Mental Disorder via Social Media Posts Using Deep Learning Models
Awards: Second Place
COMP1 RARE: Machine Learning Approach for Binning Rare Variant Features to Detect Association with Disease
Awards: Air Force Research Laboratory Award, First Place, Grand Prize
COMP2 DeepLPI: a novel deep learning-based model for protein-ligand interaction prediction for drug repurposing Bomin_Wei_QuadChart.jpg
COMP3 Seeing More Clearly: A Video Stabilizer using CNN with Speeded-up Robust features Quad Chart.jpg
COMP4 Auto Attendance: A Mobile App for Automatic Attendance Taking and Rapid Contact Tracing
Awards: Third Place
Amy Lin - Auto Attendance Quad Chart.jpg
COMP5 Study on the Denoising of Sounds and Images Capture.PNG
COMP6 Training Neural Networks with a Genetic Algorithm for Obstacle Avoidance in Simulated Autonomous Drones
Awards: Naval Science Award, Second Place
COMP7 High Accuracy Seasonal Hurricane Intensity Prediction Using Outgoing Longwave Radiation Maps
Awards: NASA Earth System Science Award, NOAA's "Taking the Pulse of the Planet" Award, RICOH Sustainable Development Award, Second Place
Antonia Comaniciu - Quad Chart Science Fair 2022.jpg
COMP8 Analysis of semantics and early linguistic symptoms to develop machine learning predictive modeling of Alzheimer's Disease
Awards: Honorable Mention
Quad Chart (2).jpg
COMP9 Design and review on applying the neural network to the abandoned bike report system CC715738-EFF9-43D5-82BC-12B5666CCD54.jpeg
ENERG1 Innovative Climate Change Emissions Reduction: Flettner Vortex Scrubber with Active Seakeeping
Awards: Air Force Research Laboratory Award, Naval Science Award, First Place, First runner up
Charlotte Michaluk MSEF 2022 Quad Chart.jpg
ENG1 An adaptive grabber with the ability to actively switch between accurate grabbing and compliant grabbing
Awards: Air Force Research Laboratory Award, Second Place
ENG2 Desalination and Purification of Water using a Solar Powered Hydrogel Multistage
Awards: Air Force Research Laboratory Award, NJ Water Environment Association (NJWEA), Stockholm Junior Water Prize, First Place, Second runner up
ENG3 Utilizing Color Sensors and Urinary Collection Bags as a Warning System for Hematuria
Awards: Honorable Mention
Riya Bhat - Quad Chart.png
ENV1 Mechanism to Test Soil Fertility and Moisture in Small- and Family Owned-Farms
Awards: Second Place
ENV2 Increasing Efficiency of Personal Gas Conversion System for Rural Homes
Awards: Honorable Mention
Fukiwara_Edward_methan generation efficiency.jpg
ENV3 Using Mathematical Modeling Tackling the Drought quad chart.jpg
ENV5 Conversion of Atmospheric CO2 to Solid Carbon: A Climate Change Mitigation Strategy
Awards: Air Force Research Laboratory Award, Stockholm Junior Water Prize, First Place
Shrey Khetan Quad Chart.jpg
ENV6 Modeling and Mitigating Infection Risks of COVID-19 in Aircraft Cabins
Awards: Third Place
Xinkai Quad Chart image.jpg
MATH1 A Novel, Simple, Accurate Method For Experimental Determination of Thermal Diffusivity: Measure 9 Types of Foods
Awards: Honorable Mention
QUAD Chart for science fair 2022 Mercer County - Lisa Wang.jpg
MATH2 Study on the Geometric Properties in the Cevasix Triangle
Awards: Second Place, YSEA Science Fair Award
Quad Chart - cevasix triangle.jpg
MATH3 Non-existence of the Algorithm that can Obtain the Optimal Solution for a Few Given Options of Investment in Constructive Mathematics
Awards: Third Place
MED1 A Computational Approach to Identify Small Molecules Interact with the Crystal Structure of Programmed Cell Death Protein 1 as Potential Therapeutics for Cancer Immunotherapy
Awards: Third Place
Hubert Chen_PD1_Research_Quad Chart.jpg
MED10 Prophages present in Acinetobacter pittii influence bacterial virulence, antibiotic resistance, and genomic structure
Awards: Air Force Research Laboratory Award, First Place, Second runner up, 1st Place
MED10 Treating Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma Using HLA Class I Molecule Deficient Anti CD19 CAR-NK Cells
Awards: Honorable Mention
MED2 Drug Repositioning Ketamine as a New Treatment for Bipolar Disorder Using Text Mining
Awards: Honorable Mention
Drug Repositioning Ketamine as a New Treatment for Bipolar Disorder Using Text Mining-final.png
MED3 Gene Network Analysis of DIO2 and Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy
Awards: Honorable Mention
 2022-01-19 오후 2.15.54.png
MED4 Imbalances in Copper or Zinc Trigger Further Trace Metal Dyshomeostasis in Amyloid-Beta Producing Caenorhabditis elegans
Awards: Air Force Research Laboratory Award, Earle S. Rommel Communications Award, First Place
JPEG Quad Chart for Alzheimer's Research.png
MED6 Safe Distance of Viruses - Quantitative Analysis the Trajectory of Pathogen Containing Droplets in Respiratory Airways
Awards: Third Place
Mercer Poster 2022.png
MED7 Role of Cancer Associated Fibroblast Heterogeneity on Immunotherapuetic Potentials of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
Awards: Second Place
Quadchart - Anushka.png
MED8 GlioBLAST: Establishing Prognosis and Targeted Therapy for Glioblastoma by Applying Convolutional Neural Networks to Detect Histological Features, Molecular Subtypes, MGMT Methylation, and EGFR Amplification from Brain-Biopsy Whole-Slide Images
Awards: Air Force Research Laboratory Award, First Place
MSEF Quadchart_Bhushan Mohanraj.png
MED9 Toxicological Assessment of Medicinal Herbs to Identify Adverse Effects on Eukaryotic Cells
Awards: Second Place
Julius Verma Quad Chart.png
Fair: <a href="/fair/projects/list/618" title="Display list of all fair projects">2021 Mercer Science and Engineering Fair</a>
Event: Junior Division 2021
Event: Junior Division 2021
Table Project Display Board
1 The Effect of Silver Nanoparticles on the Viability of Bacteria, Fungi, Aquatic Organisms and Plants Quad Chart - Jillian Yao - jpeg.jpg
10 The Effect of Liquid Preservatives on Strawberry Decay Image of presentation.jpg
11 The Effect of Different Sweeteners on Cookie Size and Shape Angela Du - Science Fair Project one slide.jpg
12 The Effect of Balloon Type on Helium Diffusion Screenshot 2021-03-06 163834.png
13 A Design of the Extrusion System for Chocolate 3D Printing Hongyi Jiang's ISEC poster.jpg
14 The effect of different settings on a PC on the amount of energy in watts used while running rendering and FPS tests. Screenshot 2021-03-07 at 12.25.57 PM.png
15 The Effect of the Concentration of Salt in Water on the Activity of Brine Shrimp brineshrimp_2.png
16 Rubble Rescue Robot IMG_1056.jpg
4 The Effect of the Material of the Physical Obstruction and Distance on the Strength and Speed of the Signal for the WiFi IMG_5019.jpg
5 The Effect of Magnets on Seed Growth ziya kartar kaur sangha - primary image.PNG
6 Deep Learning-based Infodemic Models To Assess Impact of Infodemics on COVID-19 Emergency Responses Infodemic.png
7 Electrify Your Electrolytes: The Effect Drinks Have on Your Electrolytes primary-image.png
8 The Effect of a Wrapping on the Amount of Mold KILL ME NOW WROHLKSFDKSFOUDNLK.jpg
9 The Effect of Different Cleaning Products on Stain Removal. primary image 2021 mercer county SF.jpg
Event: Senior Division 2021
Event: Senior Division 2021
Table Project Display Board
BEHAV1102 The effect of using an ankle brace on the incidence of ankle injuries by analyzing ankle weaknesses in high school athletes donjoy-stabilizing-speed-pro-ankle-brace-11-3234-2-06000.jpg
BEHAV1103 The Relationship Between Media Bias and Political Views of US Adults
Awards: Honorable Mention
Quad Chart.jpg
BEHAV1105 Sleep Deprivation in High Schools Around the World
Awards: Honorable Mention
BEHAV1109 The Impact of high school student body diversity on perceptions of racism
Awards: APA Outstanding Research, Second Place
Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 9.42.28 AM.png
BEHAV1113 Quantify the Factor Importance and the Effect of Mask Policy on COVID-19 Spread in the United States with Machine Learning
Awards: Third Place
CHEM1300 Development of an Immunosensor of Aflatoxin B1 Based on Silica-coated Gold Nanoparticles
Awards: Third Place
William Wu presentation.jpg
CHEM1302 Catalytic Ability of TiO2 Nanoparticles Functionalized on Ag-coated Fe3O4 Microspheres
Awards: NJ Water Environment Association (NJWEA), First Place, Air Force Research Laboratory Award
Qiyang Primary Image File.jpg
CHEM1303 EcoConcrete - The search for and study of a viable alternative to highly energy-intensive and carbon-positive Portland cement
Awards: ASM Materials Outstanding Award, Second Place
COMP1900 Automatic deep-learning classification models for breast lesions
Awards: Second Place
Primary Image.jpg
COMP1903 Comparing Grover's Quantum Search Algorithm with Classical Algorithm on Solving Satisfiability Problem
Awards: Honorable Mention
COMP1904 An Efficient Algorithm to Generate Grids Using a Modified Transformation Method
Awards: Honorable Mention
promo image.png
COMP1905 Designing and Evaluating the Use of Machine Learning Models and Nearest Neighbor Algorithms to Identify Colors for People Who Have Difficulty Identifying Them.
Awards: Third Place
COMP1906 Predicting Alzheimer’s Disease: Development and Validation of Machine Learning Models
Awards: First Place, Air Force Research Laboratory Award
ENERG1400 Study on the Organic Nanoparticles for Sustainable Energy Using Computational Simulations
Awards: Third Place
Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 9.40.57 PM.png
ENG1600 Neural Networks in Glucose Prediction
Awards: Second Place
Presentation Pic.png
ENG1601 Zircon - An affordable, powerful, and customizable educational soccer robot kit for beginners
Awards: First Place, Second runner up, Air Force Research Laboratory Award, Naval Science Award, YSEA Science Fair Award
ENG1602 Force Analysis of Car Crash and Potential Improvements
Awards: Third Place
ENG1603 Localization of Natural Disaster Survivors Through Drone-based Sound Source Localization
Awards: Third Place
SSL Science Poster .pptx_.png
ENG1604 Force Analysis of Car Crash and Potential Improvements
Awards: Third Place
Quad Chart.png
ENV1501 Modeling COVID-19 transmission in aircraft cabin by integrating particle dynamics, dilution effect, and risk assessment
Awards: Second Place
Primary Image.png
ENV1502 Desalination and Purification of Water using a Solar Powered Hydrogel Multistage
Awards: Best Use of Photography, Third Place, Stockholm Junior Water Prize
ENV1503 Metal-doped Zinc Oxide Nanochip for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopic Sensing of Opioids in Liquids
Awards: Second Place
ENV1504 Innovative Climate Change Emissions Reduction: The Cargo Ship Flettner Rotor Centrifugal Vortex Exhaust Scrubber
Awards: Environmental Protection Agency Award, First Place, Grand Prize, Air Force Research Laboratory Award, Naval Science Award, USAID Science Champion Award
ENV1505 Mitigating Effects of Natural Disasters on Economy
Awards: Honorable Mention
ENV1506 Estimation of Precipitation Rate Using Computational and Statistical Simulations Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 5.44.20 PM.png
MATH1700 Eject, crash, or survive: Using machine learning to predict orbital instability of exoplanetary systems
Awards: Second Place
MATH1701 Sweet Mirage
Awards: First Place, Air Force Research Laboratory Award
MATH1702 Detection and Analyais of Braess's Paradox in Bay Area's Highway Network Zheshen Li Primary Image.png
MATH1703 Representation Stability and Finite Orthogonal Groups title_pic.png
MATH1704 Star, galaxy, quasar and star spectral types classification with broadband photometry
Awards: Honorable Mention
MATH1705 The Influence of Self Interacting Dark Matter on Galactic Formation and the Last Parsec Problem
Awards: Honorable Mention
Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 12.25.28 PM.png
MED1209 Detection and Classification of Immature Leukocytes for Diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Awards: First Place, Air Force Research Laboratory Award
AML Research Display Board for MSEF.png
MED1213 Modeling and visualizing the SARS-CoV-2 mutation based on geographical regions and time
Awards: Honorable Mention
MED1214 Shape-Tunable Plasmonic Gold Nanosensors for Quantitative Circulating Tumor DNA Screening
Awards: First Place, Air Force Research Laboratory Award
Figure image.png
MED1215 A Novel Reconstruction and Expression of Endostatin with pDC316 Plasmid in Eukaryotic Cells
Awards: Honorable Mention, Honorable Mention
Primary image_0.png
MED1219 Effects of Polyphenols on Motor Movement Improvement in Parkinson’s Modeled C. elegans
Awards: Honorable Mention
Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 10.56.49 PM.png
MED1220 Safe Distance: Quantitative Analysis on the Distance A Covid-19 Virus Spreads During Its Lifespan
Awards: Third Place
MED1221 A novel method for disinfection and sterilization of air and objects using electrified mist
Awards: Earle S. Rommel Communications Award, Second Place
MED1222 Systematic Analysis of Genetic Variation of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Implication for Cancer
Awards: Third Place
Hubert Chen_ePoster_03.05.21.tif
MED1223 PneumoStack: A Novel Approach to Pneumonia and COVID-19 Diagnosis with Automated Chest X-ray Analysis via Stacked Generalization and Convolutional Neural Networks
Awards: Second Place
MED1224 Analyzing Sex-Biased Gene Expression in Autoimmune Diseases Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 6.13.47 PM.png
MED1225 Modified Edit Distance on Global SARS-CoV-2 Analysis
Awards: Honorable Mention
Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 10.46.38 PM.png
MED1226 Customized cancer therapy based on the dynamic analysis of the Tumor-Immune-Drug System interaction
Awards: Third Place
20210308 5 primary image .png
PLANT1800 The Effect of Sourdough Starter on Cherry Belle Radish Growth 269-2692322_radish.png
Fair: <a href="/fair/projects/list/49" title="Display list of all fair projects">2020 Mercer Science and Engineering Fair</a>
Event: Elementary Division
Event: Elementary Division
Table Project Display Board
400 Magnetism through liquids
Awards: Superior Achievement
403 The Effect of Water Temperature on Growth
Awards: Superior Achievement
404 Skittles Science nodisplayboard.png
405 Stand or Sit
Awards: Meritorious Achievement
Awards: Honorable Mention
407 The Effect of Cleaning Glass with Soda display-board.jpg
408 Can I Drink My Hot Chocolate Yet?
Awards: Outstanding Achievement
409 Finding pi Using Monte Carlo Method
Awards: Superior Achievement
410 M & M Math dispaly-board.png
411 Sweet Crystal Science
Awards: Honorable Mention
412 Burning Calories
Awards: Meritorious Achievement
413 Density Spectrum
Awards: Outstanding Achievement
415 Solar Power display-board.png
416 Can Water Float on Water? display-board.png
417 Whorl, Arch or Loop display-board.png
419 Plop, Plop Fizz Fast- The Effect of Temperature on Chemical Reaction Time rosseilyn-santiago.png
420 Fin or No Fin?
Awards: Honorable Mention
421 Float or Sink? snortee-toe.png
422 Mixing Light to Make Colors emaya.png
423 Flying Gravity jonathan-perez.png
424 Solar Science justin-rivera.png
425 Electric Motor
Awards: Outstanding Achievement
426 Super Slime reign-jackson.png
427 Marble Science davian-law.png
428 Why Winglets? yoziel.gregorio.jpg
429 Toxic vs. Non-Toxic Slime yamilette-blasini.png
430 Slope or Friction?
Awards: Meritorious Achievement
431 Heat Under My Feet yans-martinez.png
Event: Junior Division
Event: Junior Division
Table Project Display Board
101 Can You Resist the Force?
Awards: Honorable Mention (4)
102 The Effect of Materials on Sound Reflection image.jpg
103 Light and Current (The Effect of LED Light Bulb Brightness on Solar Panel Current Output b-huang-displayboard.jpg
104 The Effect of Synthetic Shampoo Compared to Organic Shampoo on the Amount of Grease Your Hair Produces DisplayBoard.jpg
105 The effect of the environment on the decomposition of different types of material display-board.jpg
106 The Effect of Salt Types on Boiling Point
Awards: Honorable Mention (4)
107 Test the Rainbow board1.jpg
108 Water Filter: The Effect of Material of Water Filtration nodisplayboard.png
109 The Effect Of Different Types Of Music On Seed Germination nodisplayboard.png
110 Assessing Adverse Effects of Vape & Cigarette Emissions
Awards: Meritorious Achievement (3)
111 The Effect of the Type of Noise on a Person's Concentration Level nodisplayboard.png
112 BioClean - A new innovative biological method for removal of NOx pollutants from the atmosphere.
Awards: Thermo Fisher Junior Innovators Challenge, Superior Achievement (1), Naval Science Award
113 Analysis the accuracy of location sensor of the mobile device PresentationBoard1-Whole.jpg
114 The Effect of Microwave Radiation on Seed Germination displayboard.jpg
115 The Effect of Temperature on Gas Production nodisplayboard.png
116 Corrode Much?
Awards: Honorable Mention (4)
117 Music vs. Mood nodisplayboard.png
118 The Effect of Types of Water on Plants' Growth display-board-s-wang.jpg
119 What's In Our Water? The presence and effect of pollutants in our water supply within our community. science-fair-pic-1.jpg
120 Watchdog: Automatic Detection and Alerting System for Household Accidents using AI
Awards: Outstanding Achievement (2)
121 The Effect of Different Porous Materials on Purifying Muddy Water displayboard.png
122 Can You Keep the Noise Down? The Effect of Soundproofing Materials on Sound Transmission.
Awards: Outstanding Achievement (2)
123 The Effect of Color on Taste Perception
Awards: Meritorious Achievement (3)
124 HOLD IT IN - The Effect of Insulation Material on the Temperature
Awards: Outstanding Achievement (2)
125 Understanding the Impact of Environmental Factors on Energy Generated from a Photovoltaic Solar Panel
Awards: Thermo Fisher Junior Innovators Challenge, Superior Achievement (1)
126 Simulating Slipping Snails: Mitigating the Risk of Oceanborne Transport of Invasive Species
Awards: Meritorious Achievement (3)
127 Using Polarized Color Lenses to Investigate the Composition of Light display-board.jpg
128 A Novel Seasonal Prediction of Atlantic Hurricanes using Neural Networks
Awards: Thermo Fisher Junior Innovators Challenge, Superior Achievement (1)
Event: Senior Division
Event: Senior Division
Table Project Display Board
ANIM1000T Exploring the effects of Carassius auratus density on the elongation of aquatic plants in an aquaponic environment displayboardtitle.png
BEHAV1100 Cambridge Analytica and the Future of Advertising
Awards: APA Outstanding Research, Honorable Mention
COMP1900 Freedom Chair
Awards: First Place, Second runner up, Air Force Research Laboratory Award, YSEA Science Fair Award
COMP1901 Building Privacy-Preserving Deep Learning Systems using Differential Privacy and Federated Learning
Awards: Mu Alpha Theta Award, Second Place
COMP1904 A novel approach of tracking medication in supply chain nodisplayboard.png
ENG1600 Neo Vision: Foreign Object Debris Detector
Awards: First Place, Air Force Research Laboratory Award
ENG1601 A Novel Approach to Single Tube Irrigation System with Adaptive Water Control
Awards: Honorable Mention
ENG1602 An investigation of the Brumadinho Dam Break with HEC-RAS simulation displayboardtitle.png
ENV1500 Study of Bacterial Interaction and Defenses against Ecological Cheating in Local Freshwater Ecosystems impacted by Climate Change and Pollution
Awards: Theobald Smith Award, Second Place
ENV1501 Effects of Daphnia Magna on algae and duckweed in various aquatic environments. displayboardtitle.png
ENV1502 The Effect of Rain Acidification on the Growth of Freshwater Bacteria
Awards: Theobald Smith Award, Third Place
ENV1503 Metal-doped Zinc Oxide Nanochip for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopic Sensing of Opioid in Water
Awards: First Place, First runner up, Stockholm Junior Water Prize, Air Force Research Laboratory Award
ENV1504 Optimizing Taxonomic Identification of Chironomidae (Diptera) for A Novel Method of Monitoring Our Global Fresh Water Supply using DNA Barcoding (A Continuation)
Awards: Best Use of Photography, Abbott Marshlands Wetland Award, Association for Women Geoscientists Award, First Place, Grand Prize, RICOH Sustainable Development Award, Stockholm Junior Water Prize, Naval Science Award
MED1200 The Impact of a More Acidic Environment on Marine Microbes due to Ocean Acidification
Awards: Theobald Smith Award, Third Place
MED1201 Shape-tunable Gold Nanoparticles for Combined Circulating Tumor DNA Capture and Plasmonic Detection
Awards: First Place, Air Force Research Laboratory Award
MED1203 A Combination Treatment with Curcumin and siRNA-directed UBB Silencing Offer Superior Anti-tumorigenic Properties in Breast Cancer
Awards: Second Place, Society for In Vitro Biology Award
MED1205 The effects of microplastics exposure on guppies (Poecilia reticulata) over multiple generations
Awards: Honorable Mention, NOAA's "Taking the Pulse of the Planet" Award
MED1206 Quantifying Protein Values of Ultraviolet Light Exposed Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Awards: Theobald Smith Award, Honorable Mention, NOAA's "Taking the Pulse of the Planet" Award
PLANT1800 Examining the Effects of Rhizobium on the Flowering Time of Alfalfa
Awards: Theobald Smith Award