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Event: Senior Division 2024
Event: Senior Division 2024
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ANIM1 Investigating the Origins of Niche Shift in Bagheera kiplingi MCSF Quad Chart_0.png
BEHAV1101 A Qualitative Comparison of the Fast Fourier Transform and the Morlet Wavelet Transform for Potential Depression Diagnosis ISEF Quad Chart (1).png
BEHAV1102 The Influence of Social Settings on E-Cigarette and Alcohol Use Quad chart.jpg
BEHAV1103 The Diversity in College Admission: a study of Asian American applicants in Harvard Judicial Case QuadChart.jpg
BEHAV1104 OxySleep: An LSTM-based Machine Learning Approach to Sleep Apnea Detection using Blood Oxygen Data QuadChart.png
CHEM1 Novel Quantum Materials for Low Power Electronics MSEFQuadChart_ShlokaShriram.png
CHEM2 Predicting Crystal System of Cathode Materials in Lithium-Ion Batteries Using Machine Learning Models Quad chart Tyler Fu.pptx_.png
CHEM3 Predicting Compound Melting Temperatures from Computationally Derived Properties Using Machine Learning MSEF 2024 Quadchart.jpg
CHEM4 High Throughput Virtual Screening of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Hydrogen Storage Quad Chart-1.png
COMP1 Assessing ESG Compliance and Impact: A Zero-Shot Learning Approach to Analyzing Fortune 500 Companies' Sustainability Reports Armaan Agrawal - .png
COMP2 How and Why Large Language Models Rewrite Text: A Study in Media Bias Mitigation quad_chart.jpg
COMP3 Semi-Supervised Pulmonary Auscultation Analysis with Cross Pseudo Supervision MSEF Quad Chart 2.png
COMP4 Machine Learning Video Analysis to Assess Pitcher’s Injury Risk in Baseball Games Quad Chart.png
COMP5 Multi-Unit Reconfigurable Robot MSEF Quad Chart.png
COMP6 Machine Learning for HIV-ART Optimization IMG_5900.jpg
COMP8 Enhancing Autism Research with Apple Vision Pro: Developing Software for Data Collection TBA.png
ENERG1 Stretchable, Breathable Wearable Batteries using a Holey Design Quad Chart Stretchable, Breathable Wearable Batteries using a Holey Design MSEF_0.jpg
ENG1 Multi-Terrain Adaptable Post Disaster Rescue navigation Vehicle 幻灯片1_5.GIF
ENG3 Automated Farmland Contamination Monitoring Using Internet of Things Lizbeth He- Quad Chart Image.png
ENV1 3D digital holographic microscopic water quality detection system Quad chart.png
ENV2 Eco-friendly Remediation of PFOA Contamination using BTs-ZVI (Banana Peel, Tapioca - Zero Valent Iron) Emily Lee - MSEF Quad Chart.jpg
ENV3 EcoCast: Multi-Task Global Temperature Forecasting via Autoregressive Transformers PHAN_ISEF_2023_Quad_Chart.jpg
ENV4 The Effect of EV Battery Metals on River Microbial Systems Quad_Chart_Zeeshan_Shariff.png
MED1 Assessing Mutations In Beta-Globin Gene For Improved Protein Folding Quad chart v2 (1).JPG
MED10 Antibiotic Interplay of the Keto Diet, High-Protein Diet, and the Green Mediterranean Diet on Gut Microbiota Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 11.19.52 PM.png
MED10 Combining Image similarity and Predictive AI Models to Decrease Subjectivity in Thyroid Nodule Diagnosis and Improve Malignancy Prediction Quad Chart_0.png
MED10 Navigating the Tumor Microenvironment: Identifying Novel Biomarkers in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Using Single-Cell Transcriptomics Quadchart2.0.png
MED10 Revolutionizing Asthma Treatment: A Breakthrough in LABA Design Enhances Both Selectivity and Efficacy MSEF_Scientific Poster_LABA.jpg
MED10 Pioneering Anti-Inflammatory Therapy: The Path to Precision Therapy with C3aR Peptide Libraries Purpose.png
MED3 Investigating the Mechanisms of Microglia/Macrophage Activation in Mediating Inflammatory Responses following Distraction Spinal Cord Injury WechatIMG9129.jpeg
MED4 Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) as Potential Anticarcinogenic Agents Against U937 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer Cells Quad chart Kqin.jpg
MED6 The Efficacy of Various Food Preservation Methods Against the Growth of Escherichia Coli in a Controlled Environment Akhilesh Chauhan - Rough Draft for Application.jpg
MED7 Investigating the Pharmacological Effects on Action Potential Parameter Change by Simulated Spinal Cord Compression with Lumbricus Terrestris Quad Chart_0.jpg
MED8 A Novel Interpretative Deep Neural Network with Grad-CAM’s Heatmap for The Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease QuadChart-finalAnnie.jpg
MED9 Analysis of E. coli growth dynamics during Lambda(vir) phage infection reveals phage decay Mercer County Science Fair Quad Chart.png
PLANT1 The Effects of Classical Music on the Growth of Vernalized Radish Plants Quad Chart - The Effects of Classical Music on the Growth of Vernalized Radish Plants - Aishwarya Gadicherla.jpg
PLANT2 Deciphering the Airborne Sounds of Plants Under Drought Stress quad_chart-1.png